CNY 2006!

February 10, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (Red & White Matters)

Chinese New Year is here again! After the mad rush to tidy up last minute work and getting the preparation done for CNY, finally can sit down and “wait” for the CNY to come. The theme for this year is “SIMPLE”. Out are yesteryear stuff that really drained our energy and spirit which we are not ready to tackle this year. My “OUT” list

OUT list

Home-cooked re-union dinner, replaced with Crystal Jade Pun Chooi which is not bad!! Chief cook (my mum) had retired and we are buying time to do up the kitchen and training the replacement cook…

Heavy “Spring” Cleaning, replaced with close monitoring of cluttering in the household whole year round and weekly cleaning. We are replacing Sprint Cleaning with Marathon Cleaning…

Elaborate decoration, replaced with simple and easy to take off decoration.

Chinese New Year is always an enjoyable occasion but good time really fly… before you know it CNY is coming to an end. officially this Sunday at 12 Feb. CNY is never complete with a tour of China Town but this year we just viewed the festivities from our car. Too tired to walk…

This CNY is really special as this is the first time the two families (my bro and i) are celebrating together… and playing bowling together. For the record, my team was thrashed by big bro. average score 136 ag 86.

“Hei! there is a lot of Milo here for $2…” my niece from HK on her first encounter with the SG Milo Dinosaur at our local sarabat stall

Ipoh ACS83 Gathering on the 2nd day at Tuck Kee at Pasir Pinji. First time see a decent pic taken by the serving waitor. 17 came, see and sapu ….

YC played host this year for the SG leg of ACS gathering. Our usual pot luck arrangment had upgraded to a very much grander affair with YC’s wife mini buffet line. The mini buffet line was special with is special dishes like fusion fried spaghetti, beef rendang etc.


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