Valentine … the journey

February 13, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (Red & White Matters)

Despite the numerous politically correct answers “Celebration is not important but the thought thats count” on the radio on the VD yesterday the huge traffic jam on the road on a mid-week working day would tell you that there was still a group large enough to rush to downtown for the celebration to cause such a huge jam. VD celebration was turning into a Very Delayed celebration for a lot of people. Of course there will be some collateral damage as those poor fellows who lives in Town will also be caught in the jam. Sorry to these fella!! Convenience comes at a price$$.

I think the traffic police would not be too happy with us drivers yesterday as we turned the roads and highways into parking lots yesterday. However, the taxmen and petrol station operators would not complain too much with current state of the oil tax and prices. A normal drive of 15 min turned into 1 hr 30 min, not the kind of travelling duration drivers are accustomed to in Singapore.

Anticipating a long journey i had purposely dropped our favourite italian singer into the car CD player earlier in the morning. The long journey had provided a good activity-less one and a half hour of talking and communication between See and i. With soothing italian music in the background, it was the perfect opportunity to ease our mind into the VD mood that we had not felt during our courtship days. With a little early planning, the journey with the anticipated jam had been turned into an integral part of the celebration…

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