Will they talk to one another?

February 18, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter)

Dont know whether these two babies will talk to one another? Just keep my fingers crossed that my new bluetooth earpiece will “connect” with my old mobile phone. Well, if i dont answer my mobile phone during the next few days, most probably they dont and i am on the road.

I actually bought the device from one of the big telco shops and had expected better customer service. The one who sold me the bluetooth earpiece couldn’t be sure whether they would be compatible. I had to take the sweet sales girl’s assurance that the compatible brand bluetooth earpiece would work just fine. Testing was not possible as all showpiece models were not charged. I also suspect the sales girl was a part timer as i was very surprise at the lack of knowledge of the products on show and their compatibility. If not for the $50 loyalty voucher, i would had walked out and patronise another shop that was more customer-friendly.


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  1. See Fei said,

    my jabra bluetooth is doing well with my sony ericson mobile phone. two less lonely devices in the world!!

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