Bluerain had landed!!

February 19, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter)

Bluerain: request permission to land
Seefei: Permission granted

MSN (in chinese): Bluerain had landed!

Bluerain: Request video and audio connection
Seefei: Permission granted
Bluerain: Can you see me?
Seefei: Bluerain, we can see you
Bluerain: Can you hear me?
Seefei: We can hear you. Bluerain(my niece), we are through!! Can you please get your daddy (my bro)?

The marvel of technology! Click, click, click… two families that are thousands of kilometres away are linked. For the first time i can see my bro and sis family and talk to them at the same times. Call me a dinosaur but at this particular moment, i feel like i just call someone from the moon!! I don’t know what’s the implication of this is. It is great and we are enjoying it. Family gathering and chit-chat session can be more often – thats what we need in this everyone-is-busy world!!



  1. fantasyflier said,

    Hey I see you like tech stuff too. You’d be in heaven over here with the diversity of stuff . But some things quite backward, like mobile phones!

    Yeah I remember squash, used to play during my school days, now as u said not many people are interested anymore, they prefer tennis, got more “class”

  2. See Fei said,

    hei let me know when you are back in april. can fix up a game…

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