Staying Relevant

February 20, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter)

Hei! Fancy having your sec-school days idol belting out disco number on your daily morning traffic jam… We are not talking about remix oldies but serious new work.

Well, the queen of disco, Madonna is back! She had released a new disco compilation last year: "Confession on the Dance Floor". Aiyoh! I dont know how to describe it. But really, listening to her music is shiok! Disco music was part of life then and it had brought back many nostalgic and sweet memories…

Parties. Girls. Camping in Pangkor. Bell-bottom Pant. 50cc motorbike

For a 47-year old, Madonna is really mo tak teng (incredible). She had changed over times to remain relevant. And am i glad that she had gone back to her root in disco with this new compilation!!

Madonna is the chameleon that had adopted, adapted, changed, shocked … to remain relevant in this fast changing music world. She is a woman, mother, wife, icon blah blah…

Can we draw a lesson here? Yes, i can think of a few…

  • there is still life after 40s
  • breast feeding increase creativity
  • do what you do best


  1. HFL said,

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  2. fantasyflier said,

    Woh hoo madonna’s back, time to put on the bell bottoms, big collars and dancing boots and dont forget the disco ball, must have ! 😛

  3. Mother Superior said,

    Oh, I think you’ll need “Word Verfication” services on blogger, or you’ll get spam mails for sales.

  4. See Fei said,

    spitfire & mother
    any old photos of your bell-bottom days to share
    thought of putting out some… but paiseh le..

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