Multi Tasking

February 21, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (General Chatter)

My new pencils holder My old pencils holder

I got a new pencils holder today!! Ok, not really pencils but stationery. The new one got masking tape , multiple holders & a swivelling base. My old plain vanilla pencil holder just lost its job and heading to the bin. Even pencil holder, a simple device nowadays come with "multi-tasking".

When come to multi-tasking device, i guess no progress in science and technology beats the speed of the development of the mobile handphones. It is so fast, i am not surprise that by next year, i will be able to shave using my Sony Ericsson Gillete mobile phone!!



  1. Mother Superior said,

    Oh dear, I can’t imagine the phone as shaver. And after shaving, what do you do? You put it near your ear for phone purpose. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  2. fantasyflier said,

    not only can it shave, can also trim nose hair and while you talking inspect ear, clean it out and trim any fluff there while its at it 😛

  3. See Fei said,

    mother…with bluetooth it shaves while you talk. 2-in-1 multi-tasking function hehehe

    spitfire… if you need a second career, Nokia has vacancy for a mobile phone designer. Btw, Air Asia is opening to the public this weekend in Changi. Think of getting anything (read souvenir)? I maybe visiting the show.

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