Expressway to No Where

February 22, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (Random Observations)

Everyday doink! doink! doink! The sound of infra construction works …arghh!!

Since the 80s the proliferation of highways and MRT lines seem never ending.

Someone told me, this is called progress. I agree cos i am a driver too!

Started with a small PIE, then CTE, BKE, SLE, bigger PIE, upgraded ECP, TPE…

and the still unfinished KPE & PPSE.

KPE, the longest tunnel-highway in the world looks like a dragon.

This dragon of whole 9-km long goes in, goes out, goes in… of the earth so many time

i think we better change its name to RCE – Roller Coaster Expressway!

Just look at the pic above. The highway just seems to just disappear into the ground…again.

The one that didn't make it… one of the Circle Line MRT stations. My condolence to the families of the those who perished. For all the convenience and comfort that we enjoy now, we should spare a thought for those who lost their lifes in the name of development. May their souls rest in peace



  1. Leonard said,

    i think they were building a new and bigger expressway filter out of ECP…dunno the name…furthermore the one at harbourfront still hang in the balance….

  2. See Fei said,

    issit? the one at ECP go where? maybe the soon to be completed golf course. the PPSE is the one at the harbourfront. it has been ten years since inception. Still havent completed yet.

  3. fantasyflier said,

    Hey keep the updates and pics coming, at least when I go back to visit i know whats what if not blur liao 😛

  4. See Fei said,

    you ask for it. watch this space!!

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