Where is Block No: 4?

February 22, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (Random Observations)

Where is HDB Block No: 4? Missing Block No: 4 at Jalan Bukit Merah. A neighbourhood that was built more than 20 years ago. Is it superstition to leave out no: 4 as "4" sound like "die" in the Chinese Cantonese dialect?

Another nearby neighbourhood without a no: 4 block? This development is also more than 20 years old. What were those guys at HDB thinking more than than 20 years ago?

Found!! Block with no: 4! This was at Toh Yi Drive, a relative new development of 10 years old. No: 4 is not taboo here! How come? I really dont know. Maybe it is the sign of time. A change of guards at HDB management. A new management, like the Modern Singapore, has no place for superstition.

So, if you are a non-local staying in a flat (yup, thats what the call HDB residential home in Singapore) you can roughly determine the age of the neighbourhood by looking at the signage to your neighbourhood!!

HDB = Housing Development Board (HDB) . HDB is the Housing Authority that was responsible for building 80% of the public residential homes for Singapore citizens.



  1. Mother Superior said,

    Wah, you got time to take pictures of those block numbers, quite free leh. Oh, I mean, quite cool leh, LOL! Haha…

    Btw, I am currently squatting with my MIL in one of those estates. But no worries, not block 4, nor 44, nor 104, etc.

  2. Mother Superior said,

    Btw, I think you can re-post again but change the date at the bottom of the post. Small tip, but no geek here.

  3. Leonard said,

    hmmm…lost and found post…great observation u have…

    ya, i agree with “mommy”, you can always change the date of post!!

  4. Helen said,

    What about you yourself?? Is there any taboo for you to stay in a 4 or 13?lol

  5. See Fei said,

    ms-taking pic is part of my work. these are from my projects. guess what’s my line?

    will look out for a compassionate matronly in bukit merah when i am in the vicinity again.

    btw, this is not the same bukit merah in ipoh. this info is offered for the sake of helen.

    leo-thanks man, i take that as a compliment.

    i am staying in a block that is easy to die. XX24…never realise the feng shui implication until you ask. answer to yr Q – of course no taboo. pak mo kam kei!! (hundred no scare! in cantonese)

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