Reading between the lines…

February 23, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (News & Comments)

The Straight Times 22 Feb 2006
Poly Student in homemade sex video gets counselling
Teachers in other schools say many teens use phones to capture nude photos, sex clips
…Many teenagers-girls as well as boys-have been caught with pictures and video clips showing themselves and their partners naked or having sex.

The Straight Times 13 February 2006
Singaporeans lose 22,000 mobile phones a year
Estimate based on figures from phone and cab companies


Reading between the lines, if 10% of the 22,000 lost phones belong to teenagers, and if 10% of these phones have sexual contents, we are looking at 220 lost phones with sexual/pornographic contents per year. Without realising it, there are actually ample raw material floating in Singapore for the opportunists to make a quick buck….if the figures from the phone and cab companies are to be believed.

Btw, what type of counselling given to the poor gal who lost her phone? Wat? Dont play with the mobile phone while romping between the sheets?



  1. Leonard said, i know what to do if i happen to pick up a handphone…check the video archives!!!

  2. See Fei said,

    if found something that you are not suppose to find, pls inform me. i would like to “counsell” you.

  3. The Diva said,

    There’s only food photos in my phone. Heheheeee….

  4. See Fei said,

    if i find a phone filled photos somewhere in the west, i now know it is yours.

    mine actually filled w photos of my frens as i liked to link their phone numbers in the address book with the photos.

  5. fantasyflier said,

    omg, this is farnee…. now I know why some girls are soooooo stressed out when they loose their fones and its not the numbers!

  6. F¡яєвџяN said,

    i think now more hps will be lost…

  7. See Fei said,

    i hope this trend dont create a cottage industry of ppl going ard “collecting” others’ hp to “harvest” for a quick buck.

  8. Mother Superior said,

    I’m sure the girl received counselling in handling her emotions, coping with parents’ reactions and facing the future. Surely, the counsellors need some credit, yah?

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