Tribute to S Rajaratnam

February 24, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (Singapore)

Why do we only read about great people when they die? As i slowly read the story on Mr S Rajaratnam in the Straight Times over the weekend, i was amazed by the many achievements of this great man who was a founding father of modern Singapore. I dont know much about Mr Rajaratnam not because of a lack of interest in history nor natural apathy about politic. Just that there is so little on his contribution to modern Singapore in the public psyche.

Off the cuff, i can count….
Mr Lee Kuan Yew got his 2 volumes of memoirs
Sheares, a bridge
Yusof Ishak, our money "face"
Ahmad Ibrahim, the highway guy
Raffles, the jaga beside the Singapore River
Parameswara, etched permanently in our history book

Come on, he is the man who wrote the National Pledge, stood up to supporters of Soviet Union supporters like Assad of Syria, Saddam Hussein & Fidel Castro, envisioned Singapore to be a "Global City" before globalisation become a business fad. He was also a staunch supporters of multiculturalism, avid photographer, deep thinker and a great wordsmith.

In his late years, he was often quoted as saying:
"On my IC, it says my race is Indian. But I don't care if you call me an Indian or Eskimo. What is important is whether you consider me a good man."

I know my words would not do justice to such a great man who had contributed so immensely and left such a vast legacy. Nevertheless i like to end my tribute with….





  1. Helen said,

    ** knock ** **knock **

    I’m sorry to be barging in like this… but I just tagged you!!

  2. Helen said,

    I just went to your ACS 83 link…. MUAHARHARHAR…. I dun recognize anyone wor!! Maybe memories are best left as memories….. ** in Helen’s memory of a time long ago… the ACS boys were wearing white shirt and white pants (Form 6)…… slim, with their school bag sling over their broad shoulders, dangling down their slim waist…….the boys were joking with one another… and all of them have hair**

    BTW.. I cannot be the Helen you all syiok… I cannot afford plastic surgery then….:-P


  3. fantasyflier said,

    Eh…Ole Raja kick the bucket already ah, one by one the really old guard going liao, havent been following the news

  4. Mother Superior said,

    I cried buckets just reading news articles on him. Dunno, I am really touched by this man who had given so much of himself to the nation. I actually pulled myself up and got husband and I to visit the funeral. I’ve never been so ‘patriotic’. Pity the gates were closed to the public on Saturday morning. But it was just the effort to respect that great man.

  5. See Fei said,

    Helen – thank you. will think of something along “save the world” theme…hehehe. get your pillows ready!

    fan – it will be good if we can have an entry on the great old guards. i am glad the gov gave Raja a National funeral

    MS – i think you had planted the seeds in your little ones on Singapore history when you went for the wake. It is the action that count and not the end result alone. Hope your kids will grow with a proper perspective of history and events

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