“Escape” movies

February 27, 2006 at 11:15 p02 (Movies)

When i was small, i watched a lot of movies. My record was 52 movies in a year, achieved during one of my secondary school years. It was a one-off record that was never repeated. Movies was my escape. Ironically, i never like "escape adventure" movies like Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, Babylon, Airports 'XX… These movie typically would have some heroes (dont know why no heroines…) leading a bunch of ppl running here and there. Watching this type of movies give me phobia until today…. of cramped space, distrust of women as crisis leader (dont prosecute me, ok!! freedom of speech wat!) and fear of going on holidays.

So, when that significant relative of mine wanted to watch "Titanic", i gave all sort of excuses like headache lah, cannot get tickets, blah blah blah. I will never watch another "escape" movie. period.

Except of course, if it is Tom Hank and/or Steven Spielberg movie. which was why i gambled away 2 hours of my weekend with "The Terminal". I thought it was the most wu liao movie about someone stuck in the JFK airport in NY. Only Tom Hank, an expert in acting with himself (Castaway was a good example) could pull it off. Otherwise how could one act through an english movie as a non-english speaking tourist. "Wat!! i am wrong? Mr Bean also can act without speaking a sentence of English?" Hei! Mr Bean (forgot his name) is a comedian lah, we are talking about serious drama actor here!! hehehe i am still right.

Maybe the accidental love story between TH and Catherine Zeta-Jones distract abit. Anyway, our hero wasnt trying too hard to escape after meeting this "Meg Ryan" look-alike. I am a sucker for TH-MR romance movies. CZJ with the pouty lips really looked like the cutesy MR in this movie.

Actually "Terminal" look a lot like a rojak of TV "Survivor" and "Friends" with its "no-money many-friends" theme. I mean it cos there were so many CCTV in the airport, Hank's antic was good TV to the sadistic Airport Manager and his kakis. No privacy in American's airports?

I am actually surprise why the movie was not banned in Singapore. Tom Hank was really bad here as a role model. Ripping airport property, repainting wall (read grafitti)… vandalism in short!! Canning if get caught in Changi. Maybe Hank's acting was so good, the censors missed it?

Well Hank/Spielberg combo is a sure "pau jiak" winner. A really good wu liao movie to spend 2 hours with over the weekend!!



  1. Helen said,

    You mean the last movie you watched was The Terminal?? If my failling memory served me well, that was sometime back liao!! **Buzzzzz, see fei , you just won an award….. The Most Sian Person other Than Helen….** lol

    Spielberg’s earlier works are masterpieces!! ET, Indiana Jones, Close Encounters… etc. He’s a master at those ‘feel-good’ movies. Recently, sad to say, I felt he’s losing it…. (IMHO)

    What about Chinese movies? Chow Sing chi?? lol

  2. See Fei said,

    **taking a bow** thank you for the award. watch on video lah with that significant relative.

    well, i can see there is another fan of spielberg. have you heard the spielberg and jackie chan joke? give me your email if you want to know 😉

    sing yeh – my favourite. watch “kung fu” two weeks ago (on video lah). thats was like my 10x watching that video. i like chinese movies but it seems very little good one lately.

    you like cantonese stand up comedy – tung tok kei?

  3. Mother Superior said,

    You can join my husband in the Stephen Chow club. He luuuurves his movies. I don’t. LOL! ALthough I must say, Gongfu Hustler was ok for me.

    Eh, Terminal wasn’t so bad leh. But I prefer Tom Hanks’ earlier ones.

  4. Leonard said,

    Talking about the Terminal…i think i’ve the DVD but yet watch..have to search for it to watch and see how Tom Hanks create havoc in the airport!

  5. See Fei said,

    MS-call me when you hubby need co for a Chow’s movie ;-). Why you dont like Chow? Too mo lei tow (non-sensical?)

    Terminal is good. Like the character developmemnt, humor, good story telling in the movie. Just that i am “tired” toward escape-theme movie.

    LEO-you should watch it. A lot of great ideas on how to “spend” time in an airport lounge if you ever get got in a longer than necessary transit.

  6. F¡яєвџяN said,

    tom hank’s next movie is da vinic code, tt dan brown movie rt?

  7. Helen said,

    I gotta admit that those HK movies were at its best during the 80s. I remember all the gangster movies with Chow Yuen Fatt, Samo Hung, etc etc.

    Sigh, those were the days.Nowadays, too many slapstick comedy which I find rather insulting to my IQ.

    I love Stephen Chow…but Jacky Chan….. I’m getting bored of his antics.

    tung tok kei? I seldom got chance to watch that… except when that HK pastor Lam comes and does a tung tok siu…

    My email is beagle_my@yahoo.com.my. Jokes, cash, donations are all welcome.

  8. See Fei said,

    it is not difficult to insult your IQ. take that as a compliment as i find you very intelligent and funny. thats a tough package and it is not easy to reach your standard.

    HK golden eras-beginning or the end i really dont know. with movies like election, infernal affairs, spl we are seeing more intelligent yet commercial offering from HK. although few and far in between, this augurs well for the future of the industry. the like of Wong Jing’s days are numbered.

    HK is too creative and intelligent not to rebound from what i see as a temporarily hiccup. when they really master how to get investors (big time one) $$, manage the marketing clout and tap into the international market (read western) i think they will scale new height. With China as a hinterland, i dont see why that cant happen.

    i have a lot of tung tuk siu VCD/DVD, courtesy of my bro from HK. it is the best of HK but you really need a bit of familiarity with the HK culture to appreciate as the jokes are HK-centric sometimes. But for an intelligent silai like you, nothing is too difficult, right!!

  9. See Fei said,

    fire- one too-lazy-to-read-the-book bum here has been waiting for the movie for eons. i am looking forward to 18 may, da vinci release in singapore.

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