How your order a cup of hot water in Singapore?

March 1, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

I have a bit of problem getting a cup of plain hot water this morning at a fast food joint in the West. What happened was i ordered a breakfast meal and asked for a cup of hot water, instead of the usual tea/coffee. The counter girl told me that i couldn’t exchange my coffee/tea entitlement to a cup of plain hot water. Coffee, Tea or nothing? Hei! this is rare knowledge and totally illogical and absurd. I didnt know whether to feel angry or to laugh. Not wanting to hold up the Q, I ordered a cup of teh kosong without teh/sugar. I walked away from the counter smiling, this girl had made my day.

I got my cup of plain hot water, naturally. I didnt know whether the counter girl action was intentional or a tease on this uncle with the “blur” look. Whatever it is, Singapore service industry, i think we have along way to go.



  1. Mother Superior said,

    I think you’re absolutely right, we have a faaar way to go. I would think that it saves them money to serve plain water than to serve tea.

    That said, the reverse is also true. I recall having to pay 30cts for plain water in Melbourne once. Also in singapore, Secret Recipe. Sorry, so mean to them cos their cakes are so good, but precisely with sweet things, you need to flush down with plain water. No free water, just buy expensive mineral water. 😦

  2. F¡яєвџяN said,

    u bet. go complain..

  3. Helen said,

    Nope… I think this is what the chinese say “Tok sat dou ng sek juen gok “. There’s a time to bend and there’s a time to follow regulation. lol

    Talking about refusing to give plain water, if my memory served me right, those days you go inside the coffee house, they’ll give you a glass of sky juice!! (FOC) I can understand some mgt wanted to charge for mere plain water, but, if, the customer had already ordered food and drinks but just needed a glass of plain water, they should obliged.

    I had this experience in a restaurant in Ipoh. My friends and I finished our food and finished our drinks. When we asked for sky juice, they say they could only give us mineral water. OK lar I guess…. until the bill came and they had the nerve to charge us RM5 for a fucking RM1 bottle of mineral water! Diu. Needless to say, I never went back again!

  4. Leonard said,

    wah lau…. hot water in exchange of coffee and tea is a saving to them…

    wondered why the delay as hot water is needed for the Lipton tea they sell…

    must be the girl cannot find a key on the cash machine that reads: “replace tea/coffee with hot water” as she can only find “replace tea/coffee with orange juice or milk”

  5. See Fei said,

    ms – i heard in US it is free but to to pay US1 tip 😦 Went to Secret Recipe last week to celebrate a fren BD. saw the no foc water sign. we went one up – we brought our one water. not cheap skate juz healthy!!

    fireburn – i will pass this one lah. old man like uncle here got “to save some breath to warm the stomach”.

    which restaurant? let me know. will ask all ACS brothers to boycott them.

    leo – good comment, really maybe no such buttons. can upgrade but cannot downgrade.

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