Tanjung Rambutan Stud Farm

March 2, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Tanjung Rambutan in the outskirt of Ipoh is famous for its rumah sakit gila (mental hospital) and hot spring. So, when your Bolehland colleagues are telling you, mockingly “Are you from Tanjung Rambutan?” it is a sign your idea sucks big time and a good signal to look for alternative lunch partners. TR also has a lesser known attraction, that was started as a brainchild of the late Tengku Abdul Rahman. It is the Tanjung Rambutan Stud Farm.

An avid patron of the Sport of Kings, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj, Malaysia’s first Premier believed that the breeding of Thoroughbreds was possible in the tropics. So the wheels were promptly set in motion, which led to the establishment of the National Stud Farm in 1969 by the Malaysian Totalisator Board. From its humble beginnings as an experimental project, the National Stud Farm has since staged 27 successful auction sales of over 900 Thoroughbreds.

The Farm has come a long way in its development and many of the sale graduates have been successful on the local race circuit, beginning with C’est La Vie, Tote Buster, Tuneful Melody, Joel and Tres Bien. To date, graduates of the Farm have earned their owners no less than RM20 million in prize money.

Well, this is a retired race horse heaven. After spending half their life running in a circle, it is a reward for the good one to settle down to do something more exciting like running in circle in a stud farm.

Of the 3 attractions, at TR, i had only visited the stud farm. Ya.. i was the one in bell bottom. Look, so retro now!! In the pic we were given a short discourse on the “Art of Karma Sutra in the HOrse World”. The railings, where the man was leaning on are to keep Miss Ma still when Mr Ma is doing its businesss. Notice the small wooden door on the lower right? It is closed during the course of mating to prevent an unhappy Miss Ma from showing her displeasure by raising her third… or fourth leg. Not very romantic, right? Too bad, we didnt notice any action during our visit. I cant remember whether we did anything more interesting than this. Not a very touristy attraction, this stud farm. Recommended for someone who really want to watch some real horsing around.

Miss Ma = mare
Mr Ma = sire


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