Going French

March 4, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Too lazy to catch a movie in town as I was stressed out by work in the office today. Maybe will go tomorrow. As a result, i had a bad case of “Oscar Fever” withdrawal symptom earlier in the evening. As i could not stand the itch anymore, i reached for my “mopiko” – my “rojak” collection of vintage (old lah actually) movies collection and pick one of the movies that i had watched long time ago and had totally forgotten its story line.

It is a French movie dubbed in English – The Crimson Rivers starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel. Anyone heard of it? If you like the American’s Seven and Serial of the Lamb, you will like this French offering.

I like the movie for two simple reasons – Jean Reno, the only French actor I recognize & like (beside Alain Deloine) and the serial killer genre with its CSI-like forensic scenes minus the bad creative lighting.

This is one good movie for a slow Saturday evening. If you have nothing on Sunday and are sick of watching re-run CSI Supreme Weekend, it is worth you while to try out The Crimson Rivers.

There are some grisly images. Make sure juniors are not around when you are tuning in.

mopiko – common brand of soothing balm for external use

rojak – oh moh salad with lots of crutched peanuts topping

oh moh – dark hair that grow on the human body



  1. Helen said,

    I watched it liao!! lol Not bad… not bad.

    Talking about foreign film, the last one I watched was The Story of O…. sadly hor, no ending one??? I thought it was a movie… but then I guess not. You watched??

  2. Leonard said,

    think i watch crimson river before…its a thriller right…murder case or something…watch in cinema long time ago

  3. See Fei said,

    The story of O? havent seen yet. a hanging foreign movie?

    Leo-hahaha yup thats the one!!

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