My Neighbourhood

March 6, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

As a house-proud owner, i was annoyed by this piece of crappy notice pasted on my front gate. The handwritten note shows some sincerity of the prospective buyer but if you really are a serious buyer, Mr Wong, get a decent housing agent. Try the Yellowpages. The bloody Yellowpages was not invented as a substitute for pang sai jua or kacang putih wrapper. I called up that number after dinner, just to have a closure on my anger.

The teleconversation went like this:

SF: How much are you offering for my property, Mr Wong?
Wong: $5,000 above valuation
SF: How much is your valuation?
Wong: $320,000
SF: So you are offering $325,000 lah, Mr Wong
Wong: Yup
SF: Thats too low, how about 20% above evaluation
Mr Wong: Thats too ex.
SF: But didnt you say you like my area, its environment and the friendly people. Actually, what do u mean by that?
Wong: Oh! I like the beach …

SF: Oh sure! we have great beach parties here every weekend and my house is at the high level. Can see Batam on a good day!
Wong: I think the neighbourhood is great. The people are really friendly.
SF: You can say that. There are a lot of characters living in this neighbourhood. Do you have kid Mr Wong?
Wong: Yup. two fast growing teenagers who always talk non-stop on the phone.
SF: With the Tammy fiasco, i think it is comforting to you if i tell you that this place is so safe, anytime a mobile phone is lost, the police will waste no time in looking into it.
Wong: Thats sound great, man!
SF: So, do you still think the price is unreasonable?
Wong: No lah. actually it is out of the quantum covered by my bank.
SF: (murmuring) @#$%^!!
SF: Mr Wong, take it from me. Either get a more generous banker or pick a neighbourhood that fits the size of your pocket!
Am i too nasty to Wong? Take a look at my neighbourhood and you be the judge!!

View from my master bedroom…

Weekend parties that i talked about…

My neighbour on the right, Helen the blogger. sometimes moonlight as stand-in in Hollywood. Goes by the artist name of Helen Hunt…

My left neighbour, a silai who has a daughter that like to sing in the toilet. Now a big time singer in Hollywood…

and last but not least, the security is top class. you cant get any safer than this!!!

Dont you wish your neighbourhood is as nice as this?

pang sai jua = shit paper

kacang putih = white nut



  1. Helen said,

    lol… Were u comtemplating selling your place? How come this man just made an offer out of the blue?

    I think u forgot to mention the neighbour at your back…. and his wild pool parties. BTW, Hefner is throwing another one this Sat. lol

  2. Mother Superior said,

    Wah, your neighbours very sexy, hor? I like Helen Hunt very much, btw.

    Eh, you live in the West, can see Batam meh? I will be shifting into our new place in the West likely end next year.

  3. See Fei said,

    Nolah. just wanna know what ppl mean when they say “they like my house”. now i know it is only $5k above valuation. In the meantime i am looking at leaflets that say “they LOVE my house”. Wonder how much would love cost in this place.

    MS-yayaya… my house can see Batam… and Bukit Merah too. I saw you yesterday watching TV. It was like some Korean series, right? Must be trying to catch up while FS is away hahaha…
    maybe thats why u have not updated ur blog these few days hahaha!!

  4. Leonard said,

    Cool….your flat is great..with all the view! I hope to be neighbours to your current neighbours!!!

    that’s a good one….Mr Wong need English classes!

  5. The Diva said,

    Too funny!!!!!

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