Monday Blue

March 13, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Someone sent me this picture, supposedly to perk up my Monday. It was tongue in cheek, really but when you look at it carefully, it is actually very zen-ny…. If you substitute fuel with all pleasure-seeking activities, the equation still holds true. So, we need money to have pleasure, to be happy… It is like a reminder that we have to work hard to be happy… it is a cliché really. Since I was born without even a tooth, not to mention silver spoon, life is nothing but a grind. A cari makan journey to the West, where it all will ends. So, instead of cheering me up, it is like a grim reminder… I don’t know whether I am just being cynical or the Monday blue is bogging me down. Either way, it doesn’t matter now as the day had ended ….

I survived another Monday! Yeah!!

cari makan = looking for food



  1. The Diva said,

    Wow! That is a really bleak outlook!

    Time to have a kid. Things become more meaningful.

  2. Helen said,

    The blues hit you big time eh?? 🙂

    Aiyah, what is enough? Ppl are satisfied….

    Share with you a real story my pastor said…

    One of his friend (a pastor) went to China to visit a local Chinese pastor. As u know, China is not open so these Christianity churches are underground. This particular Chinese pastor had 800 underground churches under him! Needless to say, money is a problem. Anyway, the visiting Malaysian pastor gave this pastor a cheque. The Chinese pastor started to cry and he turned to another Chinese pastor and said, “..this cheque I give you. You need it more than me….”

    The other Chinese pastor started crying too and thanked the Malaysian pastor non-stop. He told Mal pastor.. “.. I’m a poor man.. I cannot give you anything in return for your kindness…. please take this…” The Chinese pastor took off his own shoes and took out the soles and gave to the Malaysian pastor. “This is all I have….. please keep my soles.”

    Sigh, we here in Sin and Malaysia would not have given a second thought about our shoe soles…..Aren’t we better off, huh? lol

  3. See Fei said,

    all you happy mums in blogland really make me want one too. working hard on it.

    thanks for sharing. we should always count our blessing, notwithstanding our fin or social status. only then we wont waste this life.. butt wong chi sang!!

    i attended sunday churches with friends in suzhou back in 2002. seems most devotees are senior citizens. there was a lot of coughing, sneezing and woosing in the chapel, it was more like a hospital than a church. the experience was very diff with a sunday workship in sg or ipoh.

  4. Leonard said,

    that’s a very interesting picture…when your fuel tank is full, your wallet become empty!!

    this is what i’m experiencing

  5. blurblur said,

    the picture somewhat brings a smile to my face..:)

    It’s Tuesday already…cheer up..;p

  6. See Fei said,

    aiyoyo… leo welcome to the club lah. not like the two ladies before who are so loaded no need to work so hard hehehe

    welcome to my blog. yup tuesday already and i am already feeling better.

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