Who Do You Work For?

March 14, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

When I was young, I almost hated it when my papa went to work every morning. I would cried and cried …. and papa would carry me in his arm trying to sooth me. When I was old enough to talk, I asked papa why he had to work everyday. What he said on that fateful day had really set my life anchor. He told me he needed to work and he was doing it for me. So, at the back of my mind I knew then that papa had to go to work because of me…. and I never cried since.

But for the last 40 years I have no family to pass the words of wisdom and the life anchor that my papa had given me. I drifted and was starting to query my very own existence. Papa worked for me, I work for whom? If I didn’t get married, why do I need to work or rather work so hard for? I have nobody to work for beside the selfish motives of keeping my comfortable lifestyle!! I sometimes pray to God for answers. And I think God heard me when He asked me this question…..

Why work for Cash? Cash who? Pat Cash or Johnny Cash? Both Cashes are suppose to be funny and entertaining. Since Singapore has no Cash whatsoever, no wonder my life feel so miserable. The face on the note doesn’t look very happy, either. If you look carefully, it actually looks like Al Capone, the mafia. Dont believe? I got proof… Here is the picture of the real Capone.

Oopps wrong picture. This guy is no crook. He is just trying to build a crooked bridge from Malaysia to Singapore.

Here it is!! Without trying too hard, isn’t there some resemblance?

In Singapore, the guys with serious cash without any doubt are the merry bunch below. Nobody would argue with me that most, if not all, of us at some points in our life have worked for them or contributed to their family kitty. As usual, those disagree can post a comment!!

Sir John Bond (HSBC)

Wee Cho Yaw (UOB)

Jackson Tai (DBS)



  1. Helen said,

    lol… Let me pose u a question. If, I say if, you’re as rich as these folks, what would you do differently from what you’re doing right now? (What r the changes in your life if your wealth is suddenly on par with them??)

    Lemme hear it…

  2. See Fei said,

    Very deep question. Off the cuff, if cash work for me instead …LOL

    Social/charity work
    Research my family tree
    Travel the world

    would be on my list, in that order

  3. Helen said,

    LOL…. out of the 3 u listed, only the 3rd one required substance.

    Hey, you’ve already managed 2 out of 3 without the millions!! Cheer up!! lol

  4. The Diva said,

    You’re really very very cynical about life.

    A girlfriend of mine went through the same “mood” as you. I noticed that she was really over-spending on luxury goods and a sports car, getting in to credit card debt etc. She was earning a 5 figure salary but no boy-friend for a long long time. She told me she had nothing to save for so might as well spend spend spend! Yikes! To giam-siap old me, this is a really radical thought!

  5. See Fei said,

    dont have time lah. all spent to cari makan liao … and blogging lol

    for one who married late… there was a long period of vacuum in my life that i, undoubtedly, would query our existence. However, i believe there is a plan for everyone and my yuen fen would come one day.

    Anyway, it is nice to share… **psst* is your friend married now?

  6. The Diva said,

    Not yet leh… and she’s already 34.

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