Needs and Wants

March 17, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Friday is here again. After making predictions of what I wanted to do for the last two weeks and never achieved it, it suddenly dawned on me that marriage life is no longer about what I want to do but what I need to do….

For example…
I want to sleep until 10 am tomorrow morning but I need to wake up early to meet the designer for our apt renovation.

I want to play tennis in the late morning but I need to perform driver duty to the significant one. Reason same as above.

I want to watch movies and shop for CDs in the afternoon after the designer’s meeting but I need to go to buy fruit from our favourite stalls in Tanjong Pagar and do the renovation budget thereafter.

I wanted to stay single but I need to get married to continue the family line …. hahaha not this one. I do WanT to get married and share my life with that one Significant One.

I NeeD to keep this entry short because I WanT to knock off early from work today to celebrate the birthday of the Significant One tonite.

It would be good to hear from fellow bloggers how you balance your NeeDs and WanTs!!



  1. Mother Superior said,

    Happy birthday See! May love, joy and peace surround you always.

    Hey Fei, on her birthday, can don’t say you wanted to be single? Say after her birthday lah! Haha…

  2. See Fei said,

    Thank you for your wishes. I cant wish for more than what i have now.

    Better get back to your dessert before the ants reach them…lol

  3. Ricket said,

    Happy birthday!!!
    Count your blessing before you sleep tonight, you’ll find that you are so blessed.

    Marriage is not just about sharing lives, its about putting your spouse before your needs.

  4. See Fei said,

    Thanks for dropping by! Havent heard from you for a long time.

    Putting the significant one before my needs is the least i can do as she is giving so much of herself into this marriage. Nevertheless, thanks for the words of wisdom… appreciate that!!

  5. fantasyflier said,

    The Significant Other will always outweigh your needs and wants. Likewise for the S.O. their S.O. will oso outweigh their needs and wants. So there you go, you are balanced. 😛

    Oi your Ow Yat ah!
    Kong Hei, Kong Hei lei Sang Yat!

  6. Helen said,

    As i write this, I trust you’ve already celebrated your significant one’s bid day!! lol Pssst, wat u got for her ar??

    Talking about needs and wants….. i have nothing to contribute. My needs are my wants and vice versa. lol

    Hubby and i are probably long lost twins… not only we look alike (this I’m not too thrill…), we shared interest in everything alike. SO, If I want to buy this book, he’ll have no objection coz it’ s what he wanted anyway! Creepy eh? 😛

  7. See Fei said,

    fan-10Q, 10Q. Precisely my feeling. I felt my SO is placing so much of my needs (diet, for eg) as her priority, I sometimes feel guilty of not taking better care of myself.

    helen-hahaha…so he blogs too?

  8. The Diva said,

    Oops…Belated Birthday Greetings!

    Hey, lighten up lah. Reading your cynical posts make me want to eat another tub of chocolate ice-cream leh…

  9. blurblur said,

    Happy Belated birthday!’s Monday ..i wanted to stay home and play with Damien..but i need to about that? hehe..;p

  10. See Fei said,

    diva-why my cynicality (haha) got to do with you eating ais-krim? lol

    blur2-can…like diva find a home near your office or find an office near your home…. done!! easy isn’t it?

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