Dinner with Brocolli

March 18, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Hei! I can’t have dinner at the same table with this woman – Broccoli Barbara. BB is the co-owner of the Bond franchise. I don’t care even if it means throwing away the chance of a pair of premier tickets to the lastest Bond flick – Casino Royale. Anyway, JB is a tired theme that is running on bottom of the barrel materials. More of this later.

I am not alone, Snr Bush shared my dislike of this woman too…

” Bush banned Broccoli from the White House and Air Force One: “I’m President of the United States, and I’m not going to see any more Broccoli!
(abstract from…en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_H._W._Bush – 151k )

After my limited research on the net, this woman is everything that i despised…lack of respect for elder, cronyism, hold grudges, lack of ideas, bad taste!!

disrespect for elder…

it is drastic to kick out Brosnan just like that! can’t she do a old spy new spy swap like the original “Casino Royale” of 1967? She can take a leaf of Kiasuland in this instant. Kiasuland is paying a respectable elder a cool 2 mil a year just to look after money that nobody is sure exactly where and how much. The last elder asked and the gahmen took two years to get back to him. The answer was that the gahmen was not sure and still counting. Dont quote me ok? Still need to cari makan (scavenge for scrub) in Kiasuland.

Doesn’t this man look like her squeeze? Got husband and wife look mah!! SURE got something on, one!!
Hold grudges…
Father broccoli didnt get the right to Casino Royale in 1967, who went to one “Charles Feldman”. Now the Broccolis are doing a new “Casino Royale”, just to get even.
Lack of ideas…
Man, she tried to inject a taste of exotic Asian, youth appeal, East-West conflict but all ended with rojak results. The franchise is holding up based on the momentum of a group of die-hard and I am sure , fast greying fans base…
  • Goldeneyes (1995)

In her debut as co-producer, she displayed her feminine activist facade by installing ” Judi Dench as M who describes Bond as a “sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War.” It is to Judi’s credit that she had done a good job since!!

  • Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

a very lame excuse using the potential China-UK conflict to send 007 on another mission…and casting Dato M. Yeoh as an ass-kicking vase. High profile but lousy role. No wonder Dato M has yet to get another main stream English movie. Lee Ang’s Tiger show is not a mainstream English movie, ok? It won the best foreign language movie in the Oscar, get it?

  • The World is Not Enough (1999)

This is a movie with a $$ message, if you look beyond the fireworks – OIL is Everything!! If after watching this movie, you went out to buy some oil shares you will be a very happy person now. Good movie but how many working class cinema goerS like ME would catch it?

  • Die Another Day (2002)

Asian (in this movie, North Korean) was installed as the new villain. Ouch… after Fu Manchu, now we have Kenneth Tsang as the new face of a misunderstood father… Looked like Tsang was in the wrong movie and the wrong role. Had to resort to a scene of wave surfing to attract the young generation.

Bad TasteThis is my guy! He will have my “license to kill”. The player, yeah, a real proven lady man!

If casting a fellow that appeared haggard and looked like a two-timing tennis player is gonna bring a contemporary edge to the Bond’s role, HEI!! Broccoli, you better get your head examined. I like to know what was she trying to tell us in the “old” Bond… BROSNAN’s Bond was like the kind of sensitive new age guy who was not a womaniser… someone you would like to bring home to show mama. Another old dinosaur to be discarded like “M”?

This guy looks more like rushing to a dinner after a tennis game…without taking his bath first!!
B. Broccoli’s Profile
Barbara Broccoli
Barbara Broccoli (born June 18, 1960) is the daughter of the famous James Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli. Broccoli majored in motion picture and television communications at Loyola University prior to working in the casting and production departments at EON Productions, the production company responsible for every official James Bond film ever produced. Currently she co-produces Bond films with her stepbrother Michael G. Wilson.
James Bond Franchise
Barbara Broccoli got her start in the James Bond franchise as an assistant director on the movie Octopussy. In 1987 she worked her way up to become an associate producer on the film The Living Daylights. She is most notable, however, for being a producer of the Pierce Brosnan Bond films.
Following a suggestion that the new M for GoldenEye should be a woman, Broccoli cast Judi Dench. This arguably risky move has proved very successful, allowing new character traits of the Bond character to be explored. Dench’s character tells Bond “I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War.

If you ask me… Miss Broccoli, this is your guy…………..

he is suave…..with a pair of most expressive eyes in this part of the world

a proven lady man ……………..

got experience some more……in this genre

most of all, he is funny…. the missing ingredient in your tired formula!!



  1. Helen said,

    LOL… OK. I’ll second you on Stephen Chow for new Bond!

  2. The Diva said,

    O.k. lah, for a comedy style JB movie, it’ll work – but only for the HK market leh…

  3. Mother Superior said,

    Are you kidding me when you said Babara Brocolli exists? I thought you were writing about President Bush’s MOTHER, whose name is Barbara, and who is famous for her famous vegetable: BROCOLLI!!! I am NOT kidding.

    In fact, when his father was in office, it was reported that the White House was growing with brocolli cos she eats it everyday! So what an irony when current George Bush says, “Out with brocolli in the White House!” Could this be a sign of rebellion towards elderly mother??? 🙂

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