My Mission Statement

March 20, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

“Kiss and say “I love U” every day at least once to the Significant One”

My mission statement doesn’t help me make more money. It doesn’t even make sense. But I’ve never seen a mission statement that met either of those tests. At least I keep the SO happy and assured that I will start the day on the right side of the bed.

There is a Chinese saying, “Gar Woh Man Si Heng” which means Prosperity starts with keeping Harmony at Home. So, having a happy home is half the battle won in this dog-eat-dog world of business. If i ask for a grading of 100, what grade would you give my mission statement? I would like to hear yours too, if you have one!!


  1. Helen said,

    Hear hear…. this is indeed good advice from THE WISE oNE. lOL

    You are right, u won’t make any money with these words… but heck, at least you won’t lose any money. Women are known to shop, shop and shop as part of anger theraphy ….. lol I can tell u the wrath of women r … more destructive than Tsunami.

  2. Mother Superior said,

    I would like to add this, for the sake of long term marriage:

    “I will say sorry when I am wrong.
    I will say sorry even when I am not wrong,
    for the situation, or that you’re hurting.”

    Women sometimes apologise too much till it affects their esteem. Men, however, seldom apologise, esp if they are not in the wrong. I generalise, but do think about it, friend.

  3. maggielurva said,

    it is mutual lah.

    she needs to say that as much as you need to.

    don’t sell out on yourself self-esteem 🙂

  4. See Fei said,

    it is actually a modification of an old chinese saying “Seong Gheng Yue Bunt” which means respect each other like guests. But I agree 100%with you it is cheaper than your anger therapy.

    Not my SO. Not that she is perfect or super but she has this strong value of family and priority that surprise me… or maybe it is just me. i was too entrenched in my bachelor life take it take more than a while to adjust to family life. Will keep your advice in mind, give “SORRY” when “Sorry” is needed.

    Thanks for clicking. Hope you do well in your new job.

    Don’t worry. SO is not unreasonable. Anyway, we dont believe in posturing. Ego has its place but not in this family lor…

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