Well of Knowledge

March 20, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

When i was a kiddie, papa already sowed the importance of knowledge and continuous learning into my young mind. One fine day, he told me, “fei chai, do you know that wealth and knowledge go to the one with knowledge?” Papa words, as usual, were always above my understanding. So, I asked, “Papa, where can I get this knowledge thingy?”
That little conversation started my life-long love affair with books and libraries. The Tun Razak Library in Ipoh then, was brand new and seen as the THE place to hang out. As a member, I had spent many an afternoon there, both studying and doing other ECA activities. Beside Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys etc, there were a lot of Ah Hua, Ah Mei, Ah Lian and seniors there that started me on my route to the acquisition of the other all-important certificate. In the age of pre-Internet and Dummies books, many “social” skill was picked up in Tun Razak. I learned that i could send a signal to a party of interest by arriving SUPER early to chop a place for the two of us. That signal could be reinforced with some logistic services thrown in like offering to send that party of interest home after library hours, in my trusty 50 cc Honda cub. Never mind that she lived in Menglembu (North) and me Kg Bercham (South).
The Tun Razak experience had built a foundation had got me through SPM, STPM and NUS… with the ROM certificate coming only two years ago. It seems all those social skill learned in Tun Razak never worked or is it my poor execution… i really dont know. I still got to know my significant one through the old fashion way – friend introduction….and the help from technology. As we 700 km away, we were like Hank & Ryan in “You Got Mail”. We were email/yahoo friends for like an eternity before we finally met. I had no visual of her at all during that period and the only impression was “Meg” in that movie. We finally met in Ipoh after three months and my first impulse was to bring her to “Tun Razak”. Better sense got hold of me and we ended up in DR Park before adjourning to dinner at Indulgence, Ipoh.
Well, the rest like they say is “history!” With the youngs nowadays and their internet lifestyle, Papa’s script and the Tun Razak experiences would be best left on the shelf. Never mind, i can still afford the time to write a new one. Let me google this first and see what we have… “dating in the internet age”


  1. Helen said,

    SO sweet!! lol You mean all the months u never asked her for a picture?? (or she refuse to give..)This is sooooo romantic lar!

    Pssst, the DR Park part … can’t get it out of my head. Eerrr, u took your significant half go feed fishies and feed mosquitoes after the sun came down? 😛 **scratch head… wondering if I’ve met see fei b4 when frens and i go shine torch light… **

  2. See Fei said,

    No pic lah as SO was shy type… only on the advice of my introducer i didnt go to see her immediately after our intro. so man man lai lor…

    DR Park used to be my happy paktoh place. Old habit died hard lah. LOL. But we went off before the sun came down… like you said got a lot of mosquitoes lah. Just a short jalan jalan before dinner.

    Hei! thats was only 2 years ago. What were you doing there ha? hehehe…

  3. Helen said,

    2 yrs only hor…. hmmm. Cannot be you lar! lol Do you still keep your love letters?? lol I know women definitely will (as prove) but men, they usually feel embarassed… lol

  4. See Fei said,

    Hahaha i had printed out and kept all the emails. SO deleted all hers…guess i am more sentimental one in this relationship

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