March 21, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Maybe i am a newbie in business, but there are some practices in the business world that really doesn’t make sense, beside spending times over mission statements. During lunch today, i received a call from a prospective client, one Executive Director of a construction company, asking for a discount of $200 over a $3,000 job. I am not surprise if someone asks for a bigger amount but $200 over a project that cost over a SGD million? My part is only $3,000, how much can you save?

I won’t waste too much clicking time over this issue. But i will sure sleep over it tonite and ask my secretary to consider asking for those $0.10 discount that we had neglected so much in the past.

For the record, my client got his discount and i can upgrade my lunch to Da Paolo tomorrow.

Da Paolo is a western restaurant in Holland V that serves pricey Italian food in a serving size that will only appeal to those strictly on diet.



  1. Mother Superior said,

    Wah, Da Paolo is so appealing. I have not gone in there, but I did think of going to the Cluny Road branch instead of the HV branch.

  2. See Fei said,

    Not realli lah…read Diva’s VD blog… the dish looked so good so went lah. the menu not that user friendly… read no picture lah. we are used to those in jap rest or cafe cartel LOL

    tried the home made egg pasta w crayfish… not dente-ly cooked

    Why cluny road?

  3. blurblur said,

    Never been there it VERY pricey huh? ;p

    Oh so the food portion is “eat not full” type lah, not hubby’s cup of tea leh..;p

  4. Helen said,

    Waaa, I didn’t know u had started going out on your own had I not read ur comments in Fly boy’s blog.

    Damn u lar!! lol U were acting the part of the poor ol’ wage earner in ur previous post when in reality you’re already elevated to evil boss status!!

    Waaaa, acting so good, u should have no problem breaking into Hollywood!! 😛

    ** quickly runs off ** lol

  5. See Fei said,

    blur2… got to impress SO ma… on her bd. wont go on any other days. we are cafe cartel fan.

    hahaha…still an employee. here we called it self-employed. just that salary come from my own pocket only LOL

    from this point onward, must NOT kaypoh so much in others blog…hehehe

  6. The Diva said,

    I thought the portions were humongous. I can never finish my food and Hubs has to help 😛

    Eh, you becoming a DP fan also?

    Anyway, I haggle over 5cents discount whereas Hubs doesn’t even count change. We are polar opposites. I always tell him rich people get richer by saving the 5 cents, 10 cents…

  7. See Fei said,

    good virtue of a woman! your hub r lucky.

    DP devotee? i was convertd by u lor…

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