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March 22, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

I think I have a severe bout of BA…blogging addiction. I have not dreamt for a long time. But recently I started to have dreams about things that I blogged. It is not actually things I blogged but bits and pieces in a jumbled up rojak from blogging, bloggers, reality, worries carried over from the day before. For example, this morning…I dreamt my house was on fire… It was a very huge fire that has reached the white heat stage. With so much smog and yelling around, my mind went totally blank. The only thing that mattered then, was to find my favourite book “MY ALL” by the author, Helen. Before I managed to find the book, my house collapsed on me and jolted me out from dreamland…..

Actually, “My All” was one of my many haunts in bloggerland. Someone should start a self-help BA (Bloggers Anonymous) for those with BA.



  1. desiderata said,

    hi 4fei:

    the1 speaking in tongue catches up with thee in your daytime nightmare!
    Thot I’d bring along Haridas’ tehtarik to relieve your dreams.
    Desi also enjoys your “My All” — a recent maybe 2-week-old babe.
    This is the RM300 saman for going up the one-way street!

    PS: Former DPM Ghafar already started the BA-lah, TWICE!:):)

  2. See Fei said,

    thanks for the teh tarik. u r the only one who come with a gift. u r sure one very welcome daytime.nightmare. must understudy your stylo mylo writing style lah LOL

    aiyoh desi lost u again… wat DPT Gabra got to do with BA?

  3. desiderata said,

    see-no-see fei ko-koa, y so slow one?
    two bachelor degrees also cunt SIRmise
    BA.BA’s done
    Summore ‘umour you want?

    PS: wanna go ‘ollywood or knot
    helen jie-jie may get on board
    then we all retire to sea
    actin’ Aladdin&Madonna on Virgo, see?

  4. See Fei said,

    aiyah degree is for ngak seik one. it reali din say i veri clever lah. oklah since itchy mouth say wanna understudi better go foloow u …

    but r u sure it is helen jie2 and not mui2. think she is not too happy for us to call her jie2

  5. Helen said,

    Ooops, sorry for intruding….

    Desi told u already? lol Seefei, u dun have to wait another 10 yrs to go for a change liao! lol

  6. The Diva said,

    Yikes! You need help.

  7. See Fei said,

    so issit jei2 or mui2… need to get my impression right hehehe

    yarloh… but dont know what todo at the mo….:-(

  8. Anonymous said,

    Help is on the way… BAA –

    see ya there fellow blogger addict

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