Meal with a View

March 23, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

“I survived past Wednesday liao!” Just another excuse to have a quiet night out with SO. Wanted a restaurant with a view downtown, but thrifty SO suggested jap fast food and we ended up at the neighbourhood “Feista” at Jurong Point.

We were early but still ended up sitting like 3 seats away from the store, in front of the conveyor belt. Not the best of seats but it was near the food preparation place. We had a very clear view of serving chef. Suddenly a lousy seating arrangement became a strategic lookout point. Freshly prepared salmon sushi or soft shell crab just out of the wok…. Not only we were aware what was freshly made, we could also place our order directly to the chef bypassing the waitress with the benefit of a shorter waiting time. The salmon sushi on the belt didn’t look too good but no problem. We just placed our order through the chef when we saw some “sashimi” grade salmon on the chef’s table. We also didn’t waste much time placing our order of soft shell crab handroll when we saw soft shell crab on the chef’s cutting area.

We had a good time and made the best of a lousy situation. No restaurant with a view, meal with a view will do fine!!

my special order fatty salmon sushi!!


  1. Helen said,

    Breathtaking view and I just had Sashimi last night!

    Pssst, wat I really want to know is… how much??

  2. See Fei said,

    $36 buck & one soft shell crab handroll ta pau for lo ma chi at home…usually eat abt $20++. yesterday was real hungry…

    where is the good place for sashimi in ipoh?

  3. Helen said,

    People kept saying the Jap Restaurant in Jusco (1st Flr) but I only go to Kampai. The price is much reasonable and I felt just as good… if not better.

    Ei, I won’t convert back to RM lar… the price u said is much much more affordable than i thot! lol

  4. See Fei said,

    aiyah fast food – what do u expext? but generally my fren from Ipoh said the restaurant food here are reasonable, even after conversion. maybe cos it is franchise so everywhere the price is the same.

    OK will try kampai next. i had tried the one at Jusco..quite ex leh..

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