Almost Famous

March 24, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

Friday and i am taking the day off. Big day today as i got an interview with the Straight Times Sunday Life. Need to prepare, man! Straight Times Sunday Life, can you imagine that?!! . They want a story on me, “… the most misunderstood blogger without a fan base.” But isn’t that an oxymoron? Who want to read a blog that they can’t understand? It is not very flattering to receive comment like “…sorry wrong blog. can’t understand a word being uttered.” Anyway, i will take my 15 minutes of fame. I was quietly running through the trivias they gonna ask me… I don’t want to be a misunderstood and boring blogger.

an excerpt is included here…

STSL: What would you do if you are marooned on an island?
SF: Will apply for PR so i can buy an pigeon hole from the mafia of the land
STSL: Er… I don’t mean Kiasuland
SF: Robinson Crusoe’s type?
SF: will bring Mr Martin Yan, need cooked food to survive, Mrs Smith, bodyguard for security and other unprintable reasons and Bob the Builder, to build a sampan to escape from the island
STSL: What about your wife?
SF: Nope. She would not survive a day out here. Anyway, don’t think she will get along with my bodyguard
STSL: What if you are only allowed one company?
SF: Then I will take along one Mrs Martin Yan the Builder…

You get the drift….

As I was waiting for the lift, I hold SO’s hand gently when she suddenly turned to me and said “Dear, what are you doing pulling my hand? It is 3.30 am in the morning!” Oh, my God!! I am dreaming again!! But it was good while it lasted.

Who has the address of Bloggers Anonymous?



  1. Helen said,

    Hey!! I really thot u were serious!! I was just comtemplating on boasting to everybody I know someone who got interviewed by the S’pore press… summore without paper bag over the head one… when u dropped the bombshell!

    Cheh…. Knowing how systematic you are, I bet the next one on your dreamlist would be CNN or BBC….

    MUAHARHARHAR pssst, or maybe u will dream standing in front of Simon, Paula & Randy….

  2. See Fei said,

    Sorry lah… it also felt so real until SO pulled my hand…LOL

  3. desiderata said,


    Can I give you, and Helen, each 7-1/2 minutes of fame on the Borneo Post?

    I’ve got strong cables to an Yan there who owes me one.
    You pay RM10million each, canORcun’t? — Value4Money-lah, you get your NAMA in …,000 nu’epapers and I’ve got my
    where you can also make gues’ APpearance.

    Helen as OUR body-card, .I now see you also play GOLF!
    Can’t make assumption about IpohLang!

  4. See Fei said,

    Will sleep on it first… Wait for Jie2 reply. **Buying time here to get that RM10mill** LOL

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