Friends after big 4!

March 25, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

This guy is 250 years old and dead.

This lady is turning 40 soon and loved by many.

I had passed 40 but still feel not a day older than my ACS days. Why, things had not changed over the last 30 years. Had this eerie feeling like I am stucked in a time capsule.

For example,
hanging out at the sarabat store
playing games together on a weekly basis
sharing dvd, songs, stuff we enjoyed yonks ago
talking about school days like we left one month ago

Through the wonders of technology, we manage to keep in touch; you won’t believe this, on a daily basis. Through blogging, we are also invited to be a witness of their inner thought. Leslie, is one such friend. So much so, that sometimes SO wonder aloud, “After all these years, you guys never get enough of each other mei?” I have this explanation…maybe we are worn down by the mundance daily grind and family commitment, old friends are like our comfort bolster that we will never give up, no matter how appealing other things around us had become!



  1. sweetspirit said,

    Nice post 😉 kinda reminds me of the Bon Jovi song ” Just Older ”

  2. Mother Superior said,

    I have posted this poem somewhere. This poem always stays in mind:

    There’s no friend like an old friend
    Who has shared our morning days
    No greeting like his welcome
    No homage like his praise.

    ~~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~~~

    Guess it describes your group of friends, esp your ACS ones.

  3. Helen said,

    You are so jing gheng in this post I’m not gonna make wise comments lar…lol

    True lar, we see ourselves in the mirror everyday.. so, it just proves that if the transition is gradual, you won’t feel/see a thing.
    Like you, I too felt better now than before when I was young but insecure.:-)

    Hmmm, will go check Leslie out.

  4. See Fei said,

    nice of u to drop! not a fan of BJ but will check out the song, though.

    got to “ransack” your blog liao for that poem. thats what i like about your blog…it has this feel good feeling that i like

    Give me your wise crack anytime, JG or not. LOL

    Les is our diamond bachelor.

  5. Helen said,

    Diamond bachelor huh?? I wonder how many hearts he gotta break to earn the diamond bachelor ler?? Wat’s the first level? Jade, Emerald then Diamond right?? The Avon way or Amway? lol

  6. fantasyflier said,

    all my frens too bsuy with kids not much time for teh tarik afternoons *sniff*

  7. See Fei said,

    dats the prob my fren has with girls. they only like diamonds, so after harvesting the diamonds, they threw away the bachelor, so to answer your Q, no gals r heartbroken except my fren Les.

    if your fren r in their 40s, they can afford to come out as they children already in teenage years. you just need to pester them a bit and kick some asses…LOL

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