Singapore for Oscar?

March 27, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (Default)

I read the Straight Times today and smile a little smile. Singapore is gunning for the Oscar!! A good movie starts with a good story. Good story can only come from imaginative and slightly cranky minds. After a few months in bloggerland and glancing through the “Lin Dynasty” saga, I am sure there is a lot of closet writers waiting to see the light. Bl0gger Desiderata invitation to join the Asian Script Writers convention in Singapore was apt in timing and set me thinking. He thinks Asian should seriously consider sending their script to Hollywood for an airing. If i am a betting man, i would not mind to put 10 big 10 small on either entity… one is a blogger on a mission, while the other is a goal getting nation of 4 million.


  1. desiderata said,

    hey brudder seefei:

    If I’m down OR up in sin-land, can buy me KoPi or knot?
    We discuss Hollycock&bull story line and beat those Lin Dienasty folks to the finishing line at Hollywood!

    IOne tehtarik to thee — first sign of acceptance. I’m going to Cut&Paste and put this up at HelenALLOFHERR hitler’s comment, can or cunt?
    Those IpohLang sleep thru spring, summer, winter & fall, brigitte Lin and frigid Pek?:( This is to irritate em to get a response to my Challenge!

  2. Helen said,

    Wah, somebody fatt hau change template liao!! 😛 lol

    OK… **open wallet and find the biggest note** can tumpang your bet ar?

  3. See Fei said,

    Teh C
    can… u come i buy kopi & we can see what we can do.

    cut & paste…no prob with me as long as helen is agreeable. ipohlang r sure a creative bunch, judging from the fervour of their blogging and comments. sure like to kick their asses a bit and see their reaction…LOL

    no only you know… better dont come near when i fatt hau..ok!! cannot tumpang lah, later karam kapal hoh…

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