Sick Building Syndrome

March 29, 2006 at 11:15 p03 (General Chatter)

Despite the state i was in, i managed to finish my client report and made it home for dinner with SO. One less angry client tomorrow, i managed a smile as i walked out of the office. As soon as i stepped out of the office, i already felt much much better. My Niagara nose had run its waterfall course. I read somewhere that the poor indoor air quality of office building do affect one’s health. Bad air quality could cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Symptoms like teary eyes, running nose and migraine could be the symptom of SBS.

In fact after dinner, i felt as energetic as a Tiger. When i relate the SBS and my pussy cat condition in the office, SO was quick to retort, “Aiyah! It is just your excuses of not wanting to stay in the office and work!” She may have a point, and i concurred. Now i know ……

I am allergic to work, SBS or not!!



  1. The Diva said,

    No kidding! Once I leave my super cold freezer of an office, my nose will clear up! It’s ironic because the office building is brand new.

  2. See Fei said,

    beware of formaldyhide poisoning. it comes from glue used in new furniture.

  3. mslenglui said,

    i have studied similar condition like yours for years and is very familiar with your illness. it is medically termed as DWWS (or what we call the don wan work syndrome). the western continent have coined it WWGLE (when working gives lots of excuses). for treatment, take two bottles of beer and stay away from the office.

    actually, next time bring peppermint teabag to work and make yourself a cuppa to clear your nose 🙂

  4. M/NG said,

    whatya hv is Unresolved Sinus Bug dat existed long b4 de SB. 2 resolve the issue, several optns opened : consult a ENT specialist, hook up 2 an oxygen tank c/w mask n mouthpiece (as if scuba divin’); or live with USB permanently. ALL else fails, lease an office space in the gazebo at Botanical Gardens

  5. Mother Superior said,

    I think SO may be right. Psycho-somatic – when mind is fine, body is fine too.

    Achoo! Sniff, sniff. Wipes nose.

  6. See Fei said,

    thank you for all the advices…

    LL: didnt know u r so medically inclined. no wonder you know the secret of pig pancreas

    MNG: it’s you. the UFO i had been detecting but not identified. USB is fine and definitely my choice

    MS: so chim…Psycho-somatic – i learn a new word today. 10Q

  7. mslenglui said,

    ya, many things also you don’t know….slowly you will….and you will live to regret it. hahahahaha

  8. See Fei said,

    must study your blog lah… maybe got the secret formula to make a million bucks… **slowly adding LL url to MY FAvourite**

  9. mslenglui said,

    if got i already fatt tat lor. no need to blog lor….

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