Uberburger at Millenia Walk

April 1, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Random Observations)

After our Da Paolo venture, SO and i went back to our familiar old haunt, Cafe Cartel at Marina Square. But today we made a special detour. We parked at Suntec City and walked through Millenia Walk to Marina Square. The purpose, we wanted to recce the Uberburger (9 Raffles Boulevard #01-06, 6837-0280) that sell Ferrari burger at $101 a pop. For $101, you get wagyu beef & foie gras in your burger. Opened two Sundays ago, 15 customers had tasted the Ferrari burger. "It is better than sex", said the first customer. Luckily, not all burgers start at the Ferrari set. More humble fare starts at $9, like the diced chicken burger. As SO is not a burger enthusiast, we did not eat there tonite. I would definitely like to pay Uberburger a visit again, to have a real sit down diner experience. Ferrari burger, naah! sex could not be any better!!



  1. Helen said,

    Sex is definitely better. Non-fattening and gives u chance to sweat it out! 😛 lol

    Pssst, free summore.

  2. See Fei said,

    aiyoh, where have you been? the whole world ta loh loooking for u leh…

  3. mslenglui said,

    sometimes i really want to meet those kind of people who say a particular food is better than sex. i’ve heard it so many times with chocolate – better than orgasm….do these people know what they are doing in the sex dept? are they doing it correctly? i’m really worried lah. how can anybody get such a high from food. if like that, men who eat it in public must be careful lor. later ejection everywhere, how ah? (sorry, so crude). must wear condom to restaurant lor?

  4. See Fei said,

    sex is sex… also cannot u/stand y burger is better. die die must try one day…

    LL-Kiasu is a low sex place, according to Durex study. That’s why the McDonalds are doing so well here. LOL

  5. Jake said,

    Because mslenglui, it is a satirical metaphor, not taken to be digested literally.–>

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