Baby Hope

April 5, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Married Life)

Have you heard this one?

"If you want to know how your gf or wife looks like in 30 years time, look at the mother"

SO's mum was in town today and i knocked off early to have dinner with her. For the record, I would not have a clue how SO will look like in 30 years time as she doesn't look like her mum. Except she would not need to join any Marie France's class any time in the next 30 years if she inherit her mum's "slim" genes. Beyond the physical attributes, SO is a near carbon copy of her mum. Of all the siblings, her characters and nuances are the closest to her mother. Both are principled, organised and homely. As i had been an happy go lucky and carefree fellow for most of my life, it is like fitting a square coq into a round hole when i first got married. Being homely myself, i have to work on the 67% rough edge. SO had introduced the order and discipline that i badly needed, both in my personal life and business dealings. This marriage had steadied the ship that was fast losing its direction and slipping into the darkness of the middle age black hole. Maybe, thats one reason i didn't want a kid in the freshman year. There were just too many differences and outstanding issues to iron out. GoD!, unitl today we are still working hard on it. As we counted our blessing of having married for a full 12 months and happy at that, we are ready for a little baby. For that, i have to cut down on that burger, especially the one burns a size $101 in my pocket.



  1. maggielurva said,

    procreation is fun, if you do it correctly 🙂

  2. mslenglui said,

    ahhhh…….make other people so envious only. it’s very nice to hear from guys about their blissful marriage – like the happy ever after part of a fairy tale.

    i’m sure you’ll have lots of fun trying for the baby *hee hee*. don’t forget to share with us (the good news – not the process)

  3. Helen said,

    yeah, cut down on that burger. lol

    Glad things are smooth sailing in your married life. I always believe there is somebody meant for u in this world. It’s just that we have to search for him/her and sometimes, we get distracted in our quest and just settled for who is within reach. Of course we make excuses for our laziness by blaming it on yuen fan (fate).

    Believe it or not, I had a dream once. (before I married John) It was so real and so sad. When I woke up in bed, I really cannot tell whether it was real or just a dream.

    Well, maybe I’ll tell u my dream next time. lol

  4. Mother Superior said,

    I have a brilliant suggestion that may just work for you and SO as yo prepare for baby. Take a break and go to Bali, Maldives or anywhere lazy and romantic. I have kids who are ‘made in Bali’ or Maldives or Langkawi. The kids from Bali was named, well, Bali, of course.

    Helen – I’m interested in your dream too… 🙂

  5. See Fei said,

    send some pic on the rite way pls!;-)

    Marriage is a lot of hardwork! esp if you wife is a high maintenance type…but on the hand, wont give it up on for the world either! Good things are never easy

    this is also my 2x. the 1st one dragged for 14 years before i found SO. It was a marital doldrum that i didn’t know how to get out. Thats is why i always indebted to my mui yan and parents in law for their encouragement as it is not often one get a 2nd chance.

    tell me your dream le…look like we have an audience here already!!

    I was thinking of that too. It would be a goood break for us to take a break and recharge. Naming the baby… thats a good one.

  6. mslenglui said,

    ha? one year already say hard work ah? still honeymoon year lah, my friend. wait until the 7th year….but i know you guys will be great. you will always have this blog to remind you why you love her so.

  7. See Fei said,

    women r wonderful beings. the moment you think you understand them, and pressing all the right buttons… one wrong button or indiscretion, you realise you are no better than when you first started. it is hard but never boring… good if i can hear from the other side too 😉

  8. desiderata said,


    reading this entry is like listenig to Bob Hope.

    but there is some seefryspeak I no undertand — what’s coq?
    My engrund Dick has not such ref:(

    But make hay while the sun shines, moon also cun!

  9. See Fei said,

    aiyoh Desi u test my engrund issit? let me check the dick first…

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