High Maintenance

April 6, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Married Life)

when my friend Fei Loh commented that SO (my girl friend then) looked high-maintenance from a photograph that i showed him two years ago. High maintenance as in expensive taste and upkeep.

Fei Loh was right, in a way….and i am a convert too. But our lifestyle feed neither the owners of fine dining restaurants nor high end boutiques as we keep our high maintenance activities to the upkeep of our apartment and not some businesses in Orchard Road.

Thank you mum-in-law for bringing up such well-balanced kids…



  1. mslenglui said,

    wah…your friend so good one lah. say SO high maintenance means indirectly complimenting that she very beautiful wor….envy envy. you lucky devil.

  2. See Fei said,

    Hahaha when i first met my wife in a double meet session (seong thai), i told my introducer she was ugly and sounds terrible. but when ppl start to say she looks fizikally appealing, i changed my mind. i am that shallow loh.

  3. mslenglui said,

    eeee…..ya lor, very shallow. but seldom hear people will admit it lor. or maybe your opinions are very easily swayed by what people say. hmmmm…..you know ah, the earth is actually flat.

  4. mslenglui said,

    btw, fei don’t read your blog meh? you keep calling her high maintenance, she tak marah ah?

  5. See Fei said,

    i am fei. see never read blog. she takes HM as a compliment. She got a good sense of humour.

    The world is not flat. Thats why Rolex watches always slow down. It is true!!

    I am shallow and simple lah. No big deal, at least not with SO. and thats all that matters!

  6. Mother Superior said,

    I like See. Good humour makes a wonderful woman.

  7. mslenglui said,

    sorry about mixing the two – i did read it in the very first entry when you introduced see and yourself…..i guess this brain dead syndrome has gone on longer than this recent week.

  8. Michael Chua said,

    I guess u must be earning tons to be able to afford your wife who requires high-maintenance 🙂

  9. See Fei said,

    dear all
    oh dear i created a wrong impression here that i better correct…

    our high maintenance lifestyle is only confined to maintaining a clean home, maintaining a healthy diet, and to a less extent keeping our hair clean…

    hope thats clear the air *wooping the smoke with my super frantic hands*


  10. Michael Chua said,

    Hah? Your apartment not at Orchard Road area meh? 😉

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