Root Crossing

April 7, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Random Observations)

Singapore is a nation of trees lovers. This observation came from my brother who visits frequently from Hong Kong. "You guys have more trees in your city than our sub-urban township." He was actually referring to the heavily vegetated areas at Marina Square below the Sheares Bridge.

However casual his remark maybe, if you really look around you hard enough, there are ample evidences that this is a small nation of tree huggers. Did you see what i see in the photograph above?

Look, the gahmen actually built a crossing for a tree root who was looking for greener pasture across the other side of the drain. I don't know who invented the zebra crossing, but i am sure Singapore can lay claim to be the only nation that build root crossings.

Singapore A-sai (can)!!



  1. mslenglui said,

    ha?! you are truly bitten by the blog virus. walking down the street also keeping your eyes open for things worth blogging. ‘charm’ loh. be careful of the many side effects……

  2. See Fei said,

    just combine my blog with my photograhy hobby. my blog fever had passed. it peaked when i wrote those few entries on Blogger Anonymous.

    thanks for the concern!!

  3. Michael Chua said,

    I don’t think that’s a root crossing. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 You’ve got a good sense of humor and a creative mind 🙂

  4. See Fei said,

    tank Q tank Q *taking a bow*

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