April 9, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Married Life)

Timing is a personal thing and i cant agree more. No one define time alike.

When i sent SO's mum off to holiday to China last week, arriving two hours at Changi Airport before departure time was considered nearly late. All the relatives had already arrived and we were the last to walk into the departure lounge. Sorry, dear, i promise to camp at Changi Airport before the day your mum come back from China.

When my cousin said Cheng Meng would be at 7 am, so it was normal expectation for out of towner relatives to arrive early like 7 pm and rest well. Mine, arrived at 2 am and took one hour to freshen up before retiring. I like to register a big "thank you" to my 4th cousin-in-law for accomodating all our whims and fancies …

Now i have to adjust my mental clock to these two sets of relatives with pole-apart definition of time.


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