Butterflies in the Stomach

April 12, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Bloggers Meeting)

How do you react when you meet someone you share so much over the blogosphere but otherwise a total stranger? Wear your blogger's image or let your true self through or do a combo? Do you call them by their nic or their real name?

I don't know but as with all experiences new, i look forward to it. After a no-hold-bar, messy, all-fingers chilli crabs feast, there is really not much to cover up. The feeling is not unlike the first time i went to see SO. Only this time it is not a do or die mission. Relax lah!

*Taking a deep breath*



  1. mslenglui said,

    so, how was last night? tell, tell. did you have crab meat stuck to your teeth as you were talking? or was there chilli smeared on your shirt? kekeke.

  2. Leonard said,

    basically the crabs was “flying” everywhere… hahaha…

    seefei, i added u in my links liao..do remember to mail me the photos..u know where to get my email.

  3. See Fei said,

    we spent about 3 hours makan, yakking and enjoying flyboy photo album from canada. i nearly hit flyboy with my crab when part of it flew off my fingers as i was grappling with it…very paiseh.
    enjoyable, relax and better than i thought!

    4 out of 5
    -1 for the flying crab

    return factor
    sure, will do it again

    probably once a year thingy if others are willing

  4. See Fei said,

    hahaha should take the spot on the wall where the crab landed.

    thank you for the *link*.

  5. desiderata said,


    after eating so mcuh cili crab, what’s the Clap story? Or isit Crap?

    (I meanT IT as a cuntpliment…:)

    PS: heln jie-jie is too shy so I arsked on her B-1/2, where’s the BEEf?

  6. Helen said,

    Wei, glad all of you enjoyed yourself last night! Went all the way eh? lol

    Tell in detail lar… was it awkward in the beginning? Who is the most talkative one?

    Just got back from Mother Superior’s blog and I just gotta say… you 3 guys no gentleman in front of the food….

  7. See Fei said,

    got crap got crab got clap also …Helen jie2 got to ask herself can? me havent updated my desispeak software yet. still running the old version

    will give you my account of the flying crab. fly so high nearly hit fei kei lou. *quietly put up the “akan datang” sign…*

  8. Michael Chua said,

    Much easier taking potshots at each other’s blog than doing it physically face to face 🙂

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