No Crooked Bridge, Please!

April 15, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (News & Comments)

"Malaysia -Singapore Bridge called off

Malaysia has cancelled the bridge project to replace the Causeway. The Cabinet made this decision because of legal implications and the public’s negative reaction to Singapore's demand for sand and use of Malaysian airspace as a trade-off. "

This is a tough decision to call for Pak Lah. My hat off to him for taking it. Rakyat's money $100 million into the longkang…RM600 if the full bridge is to be built

I support the no-bridge camp and here my 2 kupang….

we don't want a bridge, we want speedier border crossing

we don't want more toll or rather more expensive toll

we are masochists, we like traffic jams at the causeway, thats why we don't use the 2nd link

the bridge will open up the waterway below the causeway and easier link to Pasir Gudang Port, we don't want that. Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) is giving Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) enough headache

we don't want our version of the Berlin Wall, announcing to the world how bengkok (crooked) our relationships are

we like the soon to be completed custom complex in JB, as a new sophisticated shopping mall

PAK LAH, 3 cheers for u!

One: for taking care of Dr M suzhou shit

Two: for not pinning the blame on Dr M

Three: for showing us you got gut and a good heart



  1. desiderata said,

    way to go, brother
    with anak merdeka, theels and desi makethe a good Cheerleaders’ party!
    Can we now have Hi Tea?

    Meet at Putrajaya?
    Pass the bill to Pak Lah!:)

  2. See Fei said,

    hei i really hope malaysia decision making process can be more rational. they already lost RM500 million on the italian motorbike deal ouch!

    cheerleader party…sorry, no lah. Me diam diam support ok ridi 😉

    Lim kopi anytime!! har meen at alor?

  3. mslenglui said,

    please ta pau har meen for me hor….*drooling*

  4. Helen said,

    My dear seefei,

    I am bothered 2-way about this stupid thing. The bridge is stupid…(how can they build a bridge without the consent of the other party??) but now, the penalty of paying to the blardy company RM100million is ridiculous!!

    The other day my sister was nagging me coz i bought butter from another supermarket which cost 50 cents more! Half a dollar to ordinary rakyat is such big deal…. but, when it is RM100 mil, it is like.. “ooops, …”

  5. Michael Chua said,

    I guess they should make the bridge straight instead. So that vehicles can be driven at their top speed and fly off the edge of the bridge to land in Singapore. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 I suppose the only way Singapore will ever agree to a full bridge to replace the existing Causeway, is Malaysia lets Singapore have a huge stake at the Port of Tanjung Pelepas at Johor’s Pasir Gudang. But i doubt such a transaction will ever take place. Because if ships do eventually use the Johor Strait to bypass Singapore’s port at its south, Singapore will lose out big, big time ;p

  6. See Fei said,

    give address will deliver lah…still waiting for yr address

    lets pray the black gold continue to flow, otherwise all rakyat either got to pay more tax or live with a lower standard of everything….or one day the orang atas will wake up!!

    shrewd observation, my idea too when gahmen plan to build an extreme park in tampin. could have just make us of the bridge until a decision is arrived

  7. Leonard said,

    frankly speaking, the current bridge is doing fine except a bit cramp and bumpy road…

    to solve the problem…ask ICA not to save $$ on pay and employ more so that all counters are no more jam…

  8. Michael Chua said,

    Worse come to worse, if this bridge does become reality someday, Singapore gahmen may have no choice but to build a port either at the Northwestern or Northeastern part of Singapore. I say Lim Chu Kang would be better bet since we would then be able undercut the competition. Ships coming from the west would have to pass by Lim Chu Kang first before passing PTP. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 This day seems so far away. It’s like the proposed canal between Thailand and Malaysia. If such a canal does get built. Ships from the west don’t even have to come down the Straits of Malacca anymore to get to places like China and Japan ;p If this canal does come to pass, both Singapore and Malaysia will surely lugi big time too ;p

  9. See Fei said,

    the Kra Canal and the bridge are killer blow to Singapore economy. thats is one of the reasons singapore is investing up north in china and korea. anyway, small bird like me can’t see too far. let the politikus handle lo….

    Leo’s idea not bad. Singapore gahmen stingy. should put in more staff at ICA so more counter can be opened when required.

  10. Mother Superior said,

    Er.. the bridge is really built over troubled waters. So better not build. Pak Lah’s decision is quite wise, I think.

    If I were in PSA, I would think Mike’s idea is a brilliant one. Hey, why don’t you write to you favourite paper, huh? But then, maybe they have already thought of it!

  11. Michael Chua said,

    To Mother Superior: PSA may be willing to buy a big stake at the Port at Tanjung Pelapas, but would Malaysia ever be willing to sell? I guess maybe only if the price is astronomical ;p

  12. See Fei said,

    Malaysia selling a national asset to Singapore? very unlikely! it would be a wiser bet to look for opportunity to go around this threat of PSA being overtaken…eg investment in the Kra Canal project if it ever take off.

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