Undiscovered Pleasure

April 25, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Life and its pleasures)

As one who like to eat out, it never fail to thrill me when i find a place that i really like and never visited before. One such thrilling discovery is the Shore Restaurant, a seaside seafood eatery. Tucked away at one corner of Changi Coast Road it is a good place for a romantic dinner for two. It is located at the Sea Sport Centre premise, accessible from the Changi Coast Walk…

With breeze in your face and a good sea frontal, a perfect set-up for a romantic dinner…

The beach is so near, you can hear the sound of breaking wave if you are dining alfresco…

If you don't mind the plastic chairs and sand in your sandal, you can catch the beautiful sunset in the horizon at the open-air dining area

Sunset with the downtown skyline in the horizon … notice the plane silhouette in the sky? As the restaurant is very near to the Changi Airport and in the landing path of planes touching down at Changi, the sight and sound of a landing plane can be quite daunting. If the up-close view of a plane fuselage appeal to you, this is the place…

Another view of the sunset… isn't it beautiful?

If you don't like your seafood to come from the fridge, there is a nearby breakwater you can go to, to do your own fishing…

The sea around this place is rich, if the good size of the garoupa in the pic is any indication…



  1. Anonymous said,

    The fish is not garuopa. Its a “soon hock” or bamboo fish. Notice the other fish is floating belly up? Bad advert for the place.

  2. Michael Chua said,

    Lovely place indeed 🙂

  3. See Fei said,

    Not many such dining place in Singapore. the price is the same as Jumbo at the crowded Seafood Centre.

  4. LM said,

    If you like more sea-facing eateries, you can check out the SAF yacht clubs at Changi and Sembawang.

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