Table Service & Service Charge explained at Cafe Cartel

April 27, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Default)

SO and i were pleasantly surprised when we patronised the Cafe Cartel outlet at Marina Square yesterday. Instead of the opening line “May i take your order, Sir?”, we were greeted by CC table service statement. We were told that our dinner would come with table service and it would cost us 10% of our dining bill.

The service would entail free cold/hot plain water (a contentious issue that was press fodder recently), free flow of bread & butter and having our dinner served at the comfort of us not having to leave the table. I don’t know whether this latest move is mere gimmick or a reaction to the recent bad press on customer service, CC had just upped our satisfaction index.

Our only lament was CC could have trained their staff better on the line delivery. The waitress was rushing through her lines and fumbled half way through. She had to repeat twice for us to catch what she meant.


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