Table Service & Service Charge explained at Cafe Cartel

April 27, 2006 at 11:15 p04 (Poor Service)

SO and i were pleasantly surprised when we patronised the Cafe Cartel outlet at Marina Square yesterday. Instead of the opening line “May i take your order, Sir?”, we were greeted by CC table service statement. We were told that our dinner would come with table service and it would cost us 10% of our dining bill.

The service would entail free cold/hot plain water (a contentious issue that was press fodder recently), free flow of bread & butter and having our dinner served at the comfort of us not having to leave the table. I don’t know whether this latest move is mere gimmick or a reaction to the recent bad press on customer service, CC had just upped our satisfaction index.

Our only lament was CC could have trained their staff better on the line delivery. The waitress was rushing through her lines and fumbled half way through. She had to repeat twice for us to catch what she meant.



  1. desiderata said,

    See Fei:

    CC sounds close to thy name — you;ve controlling share ah?
    Is this a sly marketing ploy?
    I’m doing a press coverage in Malaysia to 1-UP on Sinland customer service index.

    BTW, my potential BizPardner — educate Ignoramus Desi here– is A better than B, better than C?

    I recently leant from FAshionistA that C-xcup is better than A- and B-, why they sometimes like to Go-Stan wan?

    BTW2 — I have wanted to pop this Q (no-lah! Not that ‘Will you merryme, On bended knee wan!’ — don sked U and Me!) — why re-name “Burung Pipit” ah? Many bloggers are fixated on Li’l & BIG birds, Dead Or Alive!

    IF i sound rude&intrude, I must change my A-ttitude, live-ing o’lady!:)

    PS: If you have BIG share, I’m going to join u in solomens, and PETtronAss Cafe Cartel everydae!

  2. mslenglui said,

    is desi talking about bra cup size? what is it about that A, B and C? whenever i read desi’s comments here and there, i find myself frowning and trying hard to comprehend. i must be damn ‘out’ lah.

    anyway, u shld’ve told the waitress ‘less talk, more good food’, lest her saliva falls in your water lah – with all that rehearsal of lines. was the food good then?

  3. See Fei said,

    *wiping tears off my eyes*

    your silence had been deafening guys!!

    toh che
    terima kasih
    thank you
    xie xie

    for leaving your click marks here.

    LL i never understand Teh-C but i guess thats his allure. it is very Zen-nish. u r near but not close. Teh-C, u got one more lost follower here and like the rest of us, abit mong cha2 also.

  4. Michael Chua said,

    Food at Cafe Cartel is not bad 🙂 Have we not been used to generally poor service standards in Singapore? Will we ever be able to match the Aussies or Thais in terms of being friendly to customers and customer service standards? i guess probably never ;p

  5. mslenglui said,

    ‘u r near but not close’. haiyoh! you also starting to talk like him liao. headache lah. must get my panadol first.

  6. fantasyflier said,

    wahh makes the canadian servers look like gods …. the 10% should be happy then pay, then you see whether the waitress say better or more nicely or not ! LOL

  7. See Fei said,

    you have the benefit of oversea experience. Poor me just have to be contented with a lousy service statement . You pau or puff? making inspired me lah… must try when my kitchen is renovated later!!

    guinea pigs (with strong stomach) are welcome

  8. See Fei said,

    me shy lah. never being to BK or AU. only phuket. Like FF said, if we have the choice of not paying, the power is with us. i spoke relatively. i pay 80 bucks in Da Paolo and get the same level of service and size of dinner as $30 in CC. So, it is more a matter of value for money.

  9. See Fei said,

    Leng Lui
    so close yet so far issit? next time we break desi code together? over dinner at Indulgence?

  10. Leonard said,

    i’ve to give a thumbs up to cafe cartel’s bread…its damn nice…

    frankly speaking, i dun quite like their food…anyway..ate once there only…the serangoon garden branch!

  11. See Fei said,

    the bread is soft and warm…my fav too!! best when go with the olive oil, dried chilli and mustard. should give the chain a 2nd chance. for the record, i got no share there lah LOL

  12. mslenglui said,

    wah! hot shot already – 11comments. when they come back, they sure come in a big group, har? whenever i hop over to ‘Solomon Island’, i have too many ‘baggage’ with me to indulge in dinner. soli. nevertheless, i’ll invisibly support your blog, ok?

  13. See Fei said,

    a drop of tear sure worked wonder LOL! TQ TQ nevertheless!1

    when in Solomon, leave your baggage with me and we go dinner ok?

    support invisibly? in spirit? spirit having flown? u start to sound cheem leh!! must had drank too much teh-c!!

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