1,000 came to hear PM Lee at YCK Stadium

May 3, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (General Chatter)

PM drew a crowd of 1,000. small crowd indeed. maybe there is nothing new to hear, we know our PM & his vision well. or is it the rain? maybe as private citizens, we would like to keep our patriotism the same way too. this is intriguing….

from a local newspaper (adopted from electionpictures.com)….



  1. mslenglui said,

    no lah….it’s because got no free macdonald burger mah.

  2. Michael Chua said,

    Nothing surprising. Considering the fact we hear PAP propaganda thru the media all the time. Most would be more interested to attend opposition rallies to hear what they’ve got to say, to find out what faults they have found in the government ;p

  3. Leonard said,

    maybe there’s a mis-print…the correct number should be 10,000…


  4. See Fei said,

    Mad Dog with Hello! Kitty maybe will help! btw how you know? r u a spy issit?

    But if Step Sun sing her old songs, ppl still go and listen what? Maybe our PM got to be glam abit like celeb or like Taiwan’s Ma Ying Jeo then ppl and silai will go and support him LOL

    misprint? Don’t think so. That’s why they never put the rally pic in! Paiseh

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