PM Lee Rally in Boat Quay

May 3, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (General Chatter)

after lunch eat snake went to attend PM Lee rally at Boat Quay near UOB Plaza . It was a hot afternoon and the organiser was smart to organise it under the shade of the UOB Plaza lobby. I was late and there was already a big crowd when i reached…

the rally site was easy to find… but to my surprise the stage was obsecured and "low' in profile… fighting my way to the front to get a view of the great man…

hei… this is no PM LEE? wrong rally! diu! why the police didn't stop her..ah! wasted my precious lunch time!

finally found the rally site… the camera tent… with stage and proper shade… hmm…where is PM Lee ah?

there he is…PM Lee!! and the Jalan Besar Members of Parliment… at 1.30 pm it was hot and sunny. someone had obviously forgot to put a shade over the stage. this is really one hot rally where our MPs got to really sweat it out! Not to mention the distraction and competition from the old lady who was holding her own mini rally a stone throw away…

a 3 hours rally under the hot sun, this is no joke… or issit intentional? PM Lee's way of putting his Jalan Besar's GRC team through the fire test, maybe and telling us he meant business?



  1. Mother Superior said,

    I think the no-top-cover-stage is deliberate. I mean, they know it’s the rainy season too, right?

    What I noted was there weren’t any mineral water bottles for the folks on stage. Pity them though.

  2. mslenglui said,

    wah, you really seem to be very keen in the political ongoing there. harbouring secret ambition of joining the political scene ah? or are you already one of the MPs? *shocked*

  3. Michael Chua said,

    I guess lunchtime rallies can never be as popular as those held at night here in Singapore where many people hate the sun ;p Opposition rallies where the candidates scold the government are much more fun afterall. Ha, ha, ha…! 😀 People may cheer, clap, laugh, roar and whistle but that doesn’t mean they will vote for opposition ;p

  4. Robin said,

    hmmm.. thanks for reporting on this rally..

    wah, a lot of people.. no need to work har?

  5. Leonard said,

    so did you hear any meaningful stuffs or it’s jus a repeat of what heard on tv..

    maybe these ppl applied leave or skipped their impt lunch!!!

    btw, what the old lady rally about?

  6. See Fei said,

    i checked liao…got mineral bottles…at the foot of the chair. it is still a tough call for PM Lee to expose his minister to sun stroke.

    this rally location is bad. one side got river, the other stanchart bank. narrow field and bad PA system. lunch tme is definitely not good…got to eat snake to attend

    *bowing* welcome welcome! glad u enjoy this entry.
    i guess ppl r not lingering for long, just stopping by for some entertainment after lunch…

    didn’t stop to listen. was damn angry kena conned…tot that was the rally

  7. Robin said,

    entertainment? wow..

  8. Helen said,

    seefeei, joinning CNN soon?? 😛 Or are u influenced by the Code Happy guy from Seremban?? lol

  9. See Fei said,

    No lah. me a boleh spy…masquearading as a little birdie…cari makan in lebuk singabore.

    CNN wont take burung pipit which is only good for making small noise…

    When Helen che2 coming down? We can celebrate the election results together!!

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