Aljunied GRC is red hot!!

May 4, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (General Chatter)

1988 (65,351,voters)SDP Team consisting of Mohd Jufrie, Neo Choon Aik and Seow Chuan Hock managed to garner about 43.67% of the votes.

1997 (103,466,voters)SDP Team consisting of Aziz Ibrahim, Kwan Yue Keng, S. Kunalen, Tay Hoon and Wong Hong Toy managed to garner 32.98% of the votes.

From the above two results, there are at least 30% Hardcore Opposition voters. These voters are real hardcore who will even vote a Dog standing as an opposition candidate. However, the incumbent PAP team is strong and anchored by Foreign Minister George Yeo. The PAP is not resting on its laurel, it had strengthened its team by transferring Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, its Women Wing head (the highest ranking woman in the current government) from the “pau jiak” Marine Parade GRC. This maybe a direct response to Ms Sylvia Lim, the Chairman of the Workers Party who is leading the opposition GRC team in this ward.

My strong (read kiasu) feeling is the incumbent will win but election is never an absolute science…

What are the factors that may tilt the balance?
1. The Sylvia Lim effect
could sway the young women voters and more young male voters with her charm, eloquence and confidence

2. The James Gomez saga
PAP sustained effort to discredit him may mobilise the sympathy vote to WP

3. Internet
Young voters who are exposed to un-biased news reports and without the historical baggage may want an alternative voice in parliment

5. Stronger & Credible Opposition
Workers Party has been consistent and organized in this election. WP fielded their A-Team and voters may want to give the WP a try

6. The Low Thia Kang Effect
Mr Low sure knows how to work and connect with the ground. His rallies are unlike rock concert with standing room only and causes traffic jam 5 km away

7. Bread and Butter Issues
People have short memories but not as short as to forget the recent price hikes and the high costs of living in Singapore

8. 30% Hard Core Opposition Supporters
Compared to the national average of 20%, WP works from a higher base and theoretically an easier task to upsurp the incumbent

9. PAP's joke turned bad
PAP branding of the WP as the "wayang party" in the Gomez's sage may backfired. People may just vote the WP in to provide some entertainment in the serious business of government



  1. Mother Superior said,

    This elections is getting everybody here excited. You are right about blogland appreciating unbiased coverage. I like all your pointers. I think a lot of taxi drivers can spew out all your pointers too, as I had encountered this morning.

    I think many are enthralled by the Sylvia effect.

  2. Anonymous said,

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  3. Leonard said,

    good points made!!!

    i really hope that the voters ears and heart are clear and not vote blindly…

  4. See Fei said,

    whatever it is, it is still a tough fight and an uphill task for the opposition. but at least there is a fight.

    these pointers are from the ground… and thats is scary for the incumbent if the masses feel it too.

  5. blurblur said,

    Wow wow wow…i’m getting all excited for the GE..will stay glued to the tv tmr night for the results..hehe..;p

  6. See Fei said,

    hope the outcome is as exciting as the rallies and the buzz in the internet. if 82/2 results again, all worked up for nothing, ppl still prefer status quo.

  7. Michael Chua said,

    Aljunied GRC was certainly a close shave ;p

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