Who is the campaign strategist for WP?

May 5, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (General Chatter)

rock concert organised by WP at AMK yesterday (4 May 2006)

kapok this from the sammyboy forum…The Workers Party pacing and intensity of the campaign has been first rate so far. Did they hire Karl Rove Consultants for this assignment?

Notice the subtle tactics:
1. One election rally site per day. So that there is perceived unity. Crowds and supporters are herded in one place and move to the Pied Piper as each day it moves from one site to another site.

2. Policy of not engaging with PAP in war of words on anything other than the issues

3. Policy of not communicating the real intent of their manifesto through the local mainstream media (because the know they would not get the coverage anyway) but directly to the citizens through the daily walk abouts, the volunteeers and of course through the rally.

4. Potrayal of the humble background of each candidate and their identity …all of them are able to say that they had been part of the Masses and not part of the elitism class. (except maybe James Gomez..)

5. The placement of the Suicide 6 indeed is a clever move. Besides giving AMK GRC a chance to vote..it is also a national referendum on PM's approval ratings. In other words, through the proxy AMK GRC, it is hoped to extrapolate the margin of loss/win to be PM Lee's approval ratings on the job.



  1. Cocka Doodle said,

    hi see fei, stopping by to look-see look-see, Waah…this one political blog ah?

    *quickly cabut*

  2. See Fei said,

    welcome welcome cocka! got swept by the election fever…but this is not a political blog lah…just some interesting observations during this period of time.

  3. fantasyflier said,

    hmmmm looks like I’m missing some fun, not that it’ll make any difference anyway if WP wins….. but strategy strategy strategy…

  4. fantasyflier said,

    opi btw u citizen of kiasuland liao ah?

  5. See Fei said,

    How is your rabbit doing?

    i kena hit by the borderless election virus lah…

  6. fantasyflier said,

    the rabbit’s jumping around, got virus ah! LOL now now the fever is over, u can settle down now…

  7. See Fei said,

    PAP 82 SDA 1 WP 1 final result. 8211 4D sold out last weekend. bought 1182 lor…

    but unfortunately nothing come close

  8. Leonard said,

    i went serangoon garden for the last rally but ended up a tour of serangoon carparks, witness cars parked everywhere, a jam like the causeway to jb, people crossing the rd more than u see in orchard on weekends, as if ppls gg to indoor stadium for concerts…manage to find a lot at 9.45pm…what to do… go for dinner….

    however, the result is not the rally turn out to be… i’m proud of the citizen of hougang and poto pasir…why i never stay there!

  9. See Fei said,

    this election had got a lot of ppl excited. hope it would translate into a more vibrant political scene. but more important, the momentum garnered will spur the govt to do more for the ppl.

    take my hat of to you man! all the way from jurong. so, you were “carpark warden” for one hour lah toured all the serangoon carparks LOL

  10. sÞ¡ηηєє said,

    😦 i still very pekchek i didn’t get to vote! kekeke

  11. Michael Chua said,

    Aiyah. Too bad i just couln’t find the time to even attend 1 single WP rally ;p

  12. Ged Book said,

    updates on this?

    4f: thanks for dropping by. i dont have the answer. this entry is just a casual observation

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