Lunch at Sauk (off Gerik)

May 8, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Travel)

Taiping has two places that are good for its fish. One is at Sepetang, a kelong restaurant and the other is at Sauk. On the last trip, i tried the Restoran Chan Kee at Sauk which is famous for its fresh water fish. Its fish are caught in the wild and does not have that earthy smell which deter a lot of us from enjoying the delight of fresh water fish. The restoran is about ten minutes drive from the North South Highway exit at Kuala Kangsar.

One of its signature dish is the steamed river whiskered catfish (pak soh kung). The light treatment of steaming using only soy sauce and ginger for garnishing allow the natural taste of the fish to come through…

Yue Lam is never my favourite fish dish cos of the fishy smell. Chan Kee's steam cooking using bean sauce somehow had my curiosity overcoming my prejudice. As the dish was moving fast, i grabbed one piece and just put in into my mouth. Wow! Good and Bad! I like it but too bad, that was the last piece. Verdict: The meat was thick but surprisingly smooth in texture. No fishy smell!

Malai (kampung) chicken steamed with XO, anyone? Not much oil and got that chicken aroma that i had not tasted since i was a kid staying in kampung…

The only dish that was not steamed… fried intestine. Got slight pipi smell – only for the strong hearted and hardcore fans of spare parts!

Steamed frog legs…not much meat and too bland in taste. Still prefer the spicy frog legs from Geylang Lorong 5.



  1. mslenglui said,

    why order 2 fish keh? chicken somemore arranged like roast pig lidat. yummy! lucky i already had breakfast, if not sure drooling.

  2. Leonard said,

    woah…looks nice…just like a home-cooked meal…

    the kampung chicken kinda cute lor…arranged until lidat!

    btw, the RM$20 entrance fee implement already?

  3. See Fei said,

    father in law did the ordering. but yue lam is considered meat lah, not fish…i think *scratching my head*.

    the chicken also went very fast. maybe it was the arrangement or kampung chicken very small size…

    my home cooked food no such standard lah hahaha…actually think of it, with a li’l bit of arrangement, home cooked food also can look professional lidat hor?

    will try when my kitchen is ready and i have perfected my 18 style cooking method :-p

  4. Robin said,

    Fresh food always looks so nice..

    Too bad, in SG.. all the meat are frozen.

  5. Ricket said,

    This post has been removed by the author.

  6. Ricket said,

    I can almost smell the aroma from here.

  7. desiderata said,

    see fei:

    are you planning to start a restron or sumthin? Make sure I get Invite for opening!

    Jest ctaching up as you ketchUP the poor fishes.
    Did you inspect a guard-of-honour at the Sauk army camp — dat femes one, remember?
    Ah, ne’er mind, you’re not one of the Li’l Napoleons.

  8. Cocka Doodle said,

    Wow…the pak soe kung and yu larm looks like it’s worth the trip.
    What other chiew pai choy do they specialize?

  9. sÞ¡ηηєє said,

    I missed KAMPONG life..

    spent my early years in and out of kampong over the bridge..
    it was fun.

  10. fantasyflier said,

    got an idea, catch my own fish here and cook! now I need to learn how to fly fish..

  11. See Fei said,

    get a good wok, lee kum kee sause & some ginger, and you are upgraded from karipap boy to fish boy…

    Which kampong you are from?

    not much choice as the menu is limited by the choice oof fresh fish brought in by the local fishermen. one dish i have yet to try is their chiu yim hai (salted prawn).

    Army camp? Didn’t know about that. I only knew there is a nearby big lake somewhere near a dam. That is where they got all their freshwater catfish, pak soe kung.

    sauk is midway between ipoh and penang. the exit is at gerik of the north south highway. it is about 230 km from KL.

    Seafood restaurant still sell fresh seafood. But it is difficult to find fresh water fish without the earthy smell. Beside Sauk, I can’t remember when the last time I had fresh water fish.

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