May 9, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Random Observations)

Spotted this truck at CTE near to the Moulmein exit. SKY TFuck….is it the recruitment for membership for the mile-high club?

A closer look… $#%%@$#$#%!



  1. me said,

    eh, eh, ehhhhh….you are supposed to keep both hands on the wheels when driving! 😉

  2. Cocka Doodle said,

    i tried calling the number. Confirmed, its not some SIA promotion. How disappointing!

  3. fantasyflier said,

    now I know what you are thinking off when you are driving
    *quickly runs off*

  4. See Fei said,

    wat r u, man?!! freudian analyst? 😉

  5. See Fei said,

    u must ask FF, he is a frequent flyer. he knows all the lubang in SIA LOL!!

  6. See Fei said,

    Yup, risk my life to take this photo…wanna show some appreciation…can donate to seefei retirement fund?

    like the new you…

  7. Leonard said,

    nice job….next time better look at the roads..okay?

  8. Mother Superior said,

    Blogging has gotten into, I can see. Like that also want to risk your life. Haiyah! Drive with your two hands lah!

  9. Robin said,

    aiyo, driving and taking pics.. danger danger.,

  10. See Fei said,

    to all, thanks for the concern. this is a stunt that should never & ever be repeated.

  11. Michael Chua said,

    Did u shoot with your camera phone? What cam phone is it? The shot is so sharp. Usually when we shoot pictures while driving, the shots would come out blur because it’s hard to keep our hand steady. But if your camera has a high shutter speed, then the blurs can be eliminated 🙂 I guess your camphone must have a high shutter speed 🙂

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