When falling asleep is embarassing

May 12, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Hobby)

I finally gave up my thursday tennis to take up YOGA class. YOGA is so relaxing, one can actually fall asleep doing it….which i did. I actually fell asleep during the relaxation exercise at the end of the class…and snored like a fire engine. Well, maybe this is my way of getting some attention in a nearly all female class….that you should not imitate…especially when your wife is in the same class.

the grasshopper pose…one of the many sadistic contortion i subjected my body and limbs to in what is supposedly a relaxing class…YOGA learning is NOT fun at all!!



  1. Helen said,

    Look on the bright side. Just think all the wonders yoga contortion is going to do to ur sex life! 😛

  2. Leonard said,

    woah…this grasshopper pose is sure one tough pose to achieve..

  3. Cocka Doodle said,

    Its ok. I know a friend who partakes in Vipaksana meditation retreat in one of those Ipoh caves. He too falls asleep and snores loudly during meditation sessions.
    So much so, the other participants had to leave the area quietly to laugh out loud.

  4. me said,

    kakaka. welcome to the club. but i really scratch my head at how you can fall asleep..usually i leave with shaking limbs and sweat drenched clothes.

  5. Ricket said,

    Hey! YOu can fall asleep in a near all female enviroment? Must be really tired.

  6. See Fei said,

    That the ulterior motive…when you have more supple bone and muscle!

    Yoga is tough…even breathing and sitting also got to learn

    thanks Cocka. Heartening to know that i am not alone.

    I felt giddy and nausea after class in the first 2 lessons. Wifey said I will fell better as I go along. Hope I don’t end up as the first student to faint in class…siu sei yan lor!!

    I like to fall asleep in the company of women. Unfortunately I am only limited to one by law hahaha…

  7. Mother Superior said,

    Er… that position is kinda tough for guys, hor?

    Anyhow, yoga and pilates are like that. I nearly fell asleep once in the p class too, but that was from exhaustion. Thankfully, there were only women in the class.

  8. Robin said,

    haha.. dun worry, a lot of my student fall asleep during my class too..

  9. guile said,

    nice, cozy place you got here :)..

  10. allyfeel said,

    I once fell asleep at the end of a yoga class too minus the snore la. Well, that means you truly relax urself ma. 😛

    Hey, hv you tried the spider pose?

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