Why i never celebrate Mother’s Day

May 15, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Parenting & Parents)

I never celebrate Mother's Day…and i never will. I don't believe in distilling my love for my lo ma chi to a single day. As i was ashmatic and physically very weak as a child, nothing in my childhood is more vivid than the memory of my lo ma chi taking care of me…waking up in the middle of the nite to comfort me when i had my attack, cooking special food for me to boost the body system (thanks to her effort, i had tried crocodile meat, dog meat, live rat litters, queen of ants etc) and carrying me piggy back to see a doctor when i could not walk on own. She had made my life less miserable when i was weak and feeble. Her manifestation of love for me was 24×7 and never only confined to Children Day.Now it is my turn. Lo ma chi is already 86 and can't walk too well. Thanks God, she is still sharp and in good health. Beside playing mahjong at home, watching TV and going for breakfast at the neighbourhood coffee shop, she is basically confined to the four walls of my apartment. It is a lonely and depressing existence, at least by my definition. As much as possible, we try to bring her out for makan when weekend comes. If buying dinner for lo ma chi is MD celebration, we are doing it nearly every weekend.

As for this year Mother Day, we spent it fulfilling one of lo ma chi's wishes. We were shopping around in Chinatown for a gift for my auntie 80th birthday at the end of the month. We initially wanted to give ang pau but lo ma chi insists we should get a gift. She wanted one of those "longetivity" character in gold and framed up in a glass box. We figured we could not get this type of traditional gift at Lee Wah or Soo Kee.

MD comes and goes. But lo ma chi is here with me every day. Well, i am lucky to still have my lo ma chi living with me. I can dote on her, Mother's Day or not.



  1. desiderata said,

    See Fei –Your Mom is a lucky to have you as a son/daughter in one.
    Yeah, everyday is Mum’s Day, Mum is the Word, Mom is the WORLD.

  2. blurblur said,

    That’s what i wanted to say – your mum is lucky to have you as her son!

    ‘Her manifestation of love for me was 24×7 and never only confined to Children Day’ – very well said..

  3. Cocka Doodle said,

    You tried live baby rats ah?? Wow!! That’s cool!! Did you chew and feel them squashed between your teeth, spilling its entrails etc?

  4. me said,

    wah, your mother brought you up from weakling to so “ngau koe mah tai”, she is really so patient. hubby also says no need to celebrate valentine’s day as his love for me is shown in everyday life. but when you see everybody also get something or go makan and pak-toh while you do nothing different, you will still feel a little tiny tinge of sadness. my point of view only lah :-p

  5. See Fei said,

    telan bulat bulat lah…me no blood thirsty predator lah

    yup, the same argument goes for the wife. but for the special days like VD, her BD, i treat her like my mistress. gift, exp dinner and some wild s*x in the evening to wrap things up…

    it is karma…if you believe in it. what goes around comes around…

    We just try to make everyday special and meaningful… either for ourselves, our loved one or something for the one who signed our pay check every month.

    actually everyday is YOUR day. it is up to you how you gonna make it special!

  6. Helen said,

    Yes, I agree 100% with you. It’s senseless and just for show when ppl suddenly become ‘nice’ to their mothers just for one day. … after that, they dun even know their mother exist!

    YOur mother is indeed blessed to have a son like you. Maybe I should send my son over to get some training for you… 😛

    BTW, you mentioned in my blog u spent SGD3K for a place in the temple. You meant you have to book it?????

  7. Michael Chua said,

    You’re very blessed to have a mum like that and your mum is very blessed to have a filial son like u 🙂

  8. Zara's Mama said,

    You are lucky to have your lo ma ji with you.. and she’s lucky to have you as a son..

    I think at their age, what they need most is actually the time you spend with them…

  9. See Fei said,

    well…if we cant be with lo ma chi 24×7 (like my brother in HK) at least some gesture during MD, or CNY, her birthday would do…i guess i am just lucky she is staying with me.

    Zara’s Mama
    thanks for dropping by. not spending time with her…tat is one of my guilts. to make up i gave up my weekend golf so i can spend more time at home

    we cant choose our parents but we can choose how to treat them when they need us the most. vice versa for them….

  10. See Fei said,

    i need some cheap labour to run errand ard the house…tell me when your son is coming…makan minum bilik provided ;-p

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