X-Men 3 – love story on steroid

May 28, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Movies)

Beside the busy plot with so many characters and loud pyro-technic from its action scenes, “X-men, The Final Stand” striked me as a Love Story on steroid. Dr Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), the heroin in the first two installments has a split personality called “Phoenix”. Dr. Jean Grey, now Phoenix in this film is out to kill anyone who stands in her way and annihilate all life on earth. Wolverine (Jack Hughman) who ‘tan leun” (secretly in love with) Jean, have to kill Phoenix in order to save earth and release Jean from her evil twin sister.Jack Hughman, is fantastic here as a tortured soul with an unrequited love for a colleague, Jean. Of course, don’t ask me how Jack can hide his feeling from a colleague who can read mind! How I wish the love scene with Jean in the lab could be better developed. If you had followed Famke since her Goldeneyes’ days, you know what I mean. I missed Famke in her Goldeneyes’ days. Her death-lock love-making scene with James Bond (Pierre Brosnan) was tantalizing, to say the least. Famke’s “Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp’ was visually stunning and that impression had remained.

X-men 3 is an accidental love movie that I like. Like Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal original Love Story in 1970, the tagline (Love means you don’t have to say “Sorry”) applies equally well here. In the final showdown, when Wolverine stabbed Phoenix and killing her, Jean schizoid twin, I could almost hear Jean telling Wolverine “love means you don’t have to say “Sorry”. Despite the loud and crowded actions in the final scene, i was surprised the message "Forgiveness and letting go…the greatest sacrifice of love" reached out and touches me.

I can’t believe this is the last installment. There is no closure and a lot of questions remained unanswered. Is Cyclop, the original love of Jean gone for good? How Jack is going to spend his loveless life since he had accomplished his two missions…the mutant school was already in the good hands of Storm and the world had rid itself of Magneto, what is next? Will there be an X-Men 4…I would not rule it out.



  1. me said,

    not fair, not fair. i haven’t see. next week i’ll read your post *grins*

  2. See Fei said,

    you should thank me lah. You will probably miss the great underlying love story if you have not read this review. The action & special effect in this movie is simply geng lah!

  3. Mother Superior said,

    Wah, you’re a serious movie critic, eh? See lah, when you have kids, dunno whether you have time to watch anymore…

  4. Leonard said,


    nvm..me watch liao…haha

  5. Robin said,

    Ok.. that’s it.. I will miss this show..

  6. Zara's Mama said,

    So you are saying better stay at home and jaga the kids then go watching this?

  7. desiderata said,

    ryan o’neill and ali mcgraw UPDATED, with steroid isIT?
    OMG, I’d better go back into the past and enjoy
    “Love under the swaying coconut tree
    My Gurl, Me and PD…”

    Hey, I’m saving MI3 tic price for Jalan Alor Rotic Telor! One cuppa of kopi or teh-C:(
    Change lifestylo liao!:)

  8. fantasyflier said,

    ya ya love me , kiss me , kill me, forgive me, love me again.. i assure you XMEN 4 will be back. especially after breaking all box office records….

  9. See Fei said,

    Nolah! me no serious movie critic lah. i started writing after reading Kelvin Tong’s tips on movie review. his advice – write from the heart and from your own experience. this movie, i think i connect on the love story level better than the big bang actions.

    on baby…u r right. we r enjoying our freedom now. but i guess we love movies so much we will work around the restriction when l’il 4fei arrive.

    it is a good show with a credible story line and ready fan base…killer formula for a runaway success. like what gahmen said, if the taking is good why stop at 3?

    love stories dont sell without tons & tons of actions. feeding the senses is more important than the inner sanctum of the heart. shallow me subscribe to that oso

    salah anggapan lah…

    this is one show for the family. got love story, action, special effect and a good story line…

    worth the value of your ticket. go & watch lah, this one.

    oh watched alridi? how issit? like the love story or not?

  10. Leonard said,

    well, you’ve to read my blog for the answer!!

    haha….dun lazy hor!

  11. s said,


    jack hughman??????

    or hugh jackman????

    welcome to the club…………. 🙂

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