10 simple pleasures

May 31, 2006 at 11:15 p05 (Tag)

I was tagged by Helen and here goes, not in any particular order of merit

1. Catching a movie in town with the family

2. Have a bowl of Ipoh prawn mee with siew yoke….

3. Knowing the fable of "Ugly Duckling" do exist, otherwise this is how my wife will look like…

4. YUM CHAR at Ipoh old town kopitiam, where my yong tau hu noodle and white coffee come with a retro ambience…

5. Seeing my catfish "Harlen" finally realised its dream of becoming a dog…it has even learned a few dog's tricks like fetching bola…

6. Still young at heart and have the ability to be thrilled by rock acts like Avril Lavigne, Eminem….

7. Have a cuppa on one hand and the morning newspapers on the others on a Sunday morning

8. Making new friends on the internet….pls meet my fren, cocka from JayBee

9. Getting the hang of Yoga…finally manage to do the fish pose (above) without feeling giddy and nausea

10. Having a meal with all or most of the family members around



  1. me said,

    ohhhhh! that’s the fish pose. i just did that yesterday. no giddy or nausea but my head hurt lah. next time must put towel there.

    your wife’s pic….sure you didn’t mistakenly took yours? she looked like a little boy. lucky for you she grew up so beautiful.

  2. fantasyflier said,

    why u neva copy yr catfish for the yoga catfish pose? LOL

    damn that prawn mee looks good slurp..

  3. See Fei said,

    yoga is more about doing pose…breathing is also important. my yoga teacher started us all together, breathing, pose, technique etc cos there were repeat students in the class. i didnt get the breathing right in the beginning so i ended class usually with a big headache.

    i had a good laugh too when i see my wife pic the first time!!

    hahaha dont know why it is called the fish pose lah. so unnatural but suppose to be good for the spine.

    Hei! prawn mee your next culinary experiment issit?

  4. Cocka Doodle said,

    **speechless** wah!!! my picture made it to your blog ah?
    Ok ok …come to JB yum char. On me.

  5. See Fei said,

    *writing down in my diary” cocka wanna belanja yum char at jb.


  6. Helen said,

    Thanks for doing it!! lol

    Hey, is that really your wife?? I thot it was you! lol

    You love Nam Heong White COffee ar? I prefer the one opposite.

    COngrats on your fish pose. ‘water fish’ pose next? lol

  7. Zara's Mama said,

    Wah.. you larfu Cocka so much ah?? Aiyo..

    Do the fish post w/out feeling dizzy? Was that the post you use during one of your close door bed room session..

    Hmm.. must ask my husband to try.

  8. See Fei said,

    Cocka thoong toh choong yan lah.

    Better careful, dont wanna u come after me after ur hubby back sprained trying some fishy pose from this blog hehehe…

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