Jalan-jalan on a friday evening

June 3, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Jalan jalan)

Friday evening, went pak toh with SO at our regular haunt at Jurong Point which is very near our place of work.

Dinner, we ate at Pizza Place…a small cozy corner just opposite Crystal Jade Lah Mein. Was at CJ last week, we waited half an hour for a 15 min meal. What to do, suddenly had this craving for their onion oil Lah Mein.

SO went shopping for bag, was browsing at this shop selling NODA's bags. For a fashion-challenged guy like me, i couldn't help but noticed that these Japan-imported bags are very chic looking and come in reasonable price range of $50 to $80. We didn't buy any as SO couldn't find anyone that she really like. If you ask me, i would have bought the white colour one on the top left hand corner ($60). I like it funky look.

Hahaha just for comparison, if i were to buy a bag, i would probably look for one of these above… men or issit just ME that is boring and colourless?

Hush Puppies…offering 70 percent discount and we bought some stuff for SO's nieces. I still can't figure how you size kids' wears. SO's nieces varies from 5 to 10 years old. But the clothes she bought for them look like more or less the same size to me.

I advertised in both Yellow Pages and Green Book (above). After seeing the above pic…I better cancell my Green Book advertisement next year since now i know what people do with it!

I discovered a national conspiracy at Jurong Point basement…people are siphoning Singapore currency out of the country by remitting their SGD$$ overseas…

…and the scary thing is, it is legal… and there are queues of people everywhere doing it!

Even our Singapore Post is doing it…albeit as an agent! Post Office opening until 8 pm…unheard of when it was a gahmen agency…well, privatisation has its benefit!

Da Vinci Code…the biggest conspiracy of all! In this movie, there are mutants everywhere you turned. i see mutant Magneto masquerading as a holy grail searcher, Sir Leigh Teabring; Dr Octopuss (Spiderman 2) moonlighting as Bishop Aringarosa when he is not wreaking havoc as a multi-tentacle menace and Ron Howard, leaving his Happy Days behind, is venturing into Doom Day with this dark and controversial movie.



  1. fantasyflier said,

    you bet prawn mee is soon on the way here.

    ya ya I agree the packs look wayy better πŸ˜›

    Wat I send SGD$ BACK to SG leh….

  2. Hoppily Happy said,

    Thanks for checking out my blogsite.
    I was thrilled (ahem) by your kind ‘attention’. :o)
    SO you work near/at Jurong…err, my workplace also rather near leh (*gasp*).

  3. Cocka Doodle said,

    Keep the Green Book advert. I find it very well compiled and very handy whenever
    I source for things. The circulation is quite wide too.

  4. See Fei said,

    one *clap* for patriot FF here! must recommnend you for a pingat for this coming national day liao!!

    another shanghai lady beside our helen jiejie. i am quite prominent, u will have no problem spotting me. just look out for a tall, dark & handsome guy in office suit will do!

    got share in GB issit!! *wink wink* frankly i didnt get any result after advert for 1 year. so din cont.

  5. Hoppily Happy said,

    Wah – we have a tall, dark and handsome guy in office suit here…*drool*

    Unfortunately, you are as taken as the TV series ‘Taken’…keke

    BTW, you won’t miss me either. Just scan around to find a fair-skinned, petite lady with long hair and in executive gear. FF will attest to my fairness cuz he ALWAYS used to complain that I am too fair (‘peh-peh’ was actually what he said)! :o)

  6. me said,

    your choice of handbag….figures. for a guy. did you ask see? she prob thinks it looks ughh as well. looks more hard rock than lenglui lor.

  7. Mickell said,

    Dan Brown had confessed his DaVinci Code to be a work of fiction.

  8. Helen said,

    Aiyoh, I see your puppy soooo cute…. *heart also melt liao!*

  9. Ricket said,

    talk about remittance, I just did it for my maid today… not that difficult.

  10. See Fei said,

    too many fair skinned long hair gal ard here. might mistake you for a piao mei!! better send pic!!

    You may want to say “Hello” to Helen…look like your long lost piao jie…:-p

    my taste so bad ah?! any ladies here can give some tips on bag bag thing or not?

    DB is playing on christian’s fear and everyone else’s curiosity. He is working on his next movie project liao..angels and demons.

    i know you are a doggie person…say *woof woof* to your long lost piao mei “HAPPY”. BTW have u got the license for your dogs?

    u r lucky. i am the maid and the man of the house. when i complain to wifey floor is dirty…she will say the vacuum is in the store room. 😦

  11. Zara's Mama said,

    You should have just went back to the shop and bought SO that bag you like..

    But men.. normally won’t do such things one hor?

  12. See Fei said,

    Thanks for the tips. agreed that men usually wont do such thing. it will be a good surprise for her!–>

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