ATM Card Skimming

June 6, 2006 at 11:15 p06 (Singapore)

Today Straight Times reported the first case of ATM card skimming case in Singapore. I nearly fell off my chair this morning reading it. Got diagram some more on how the scam works! I knew ATM card skimming cases happened in Malaysia and HK, but it took a while for the fact to sink in that low-crime Singapore is not immuned. Well, it seems crime has also got onto the "Globalisation" bandwagon. Blogger Mike reported his card kena eaten sometimes back and i thought that was an unrelated isolated incident. Well, i was wrong!So, what are the measures we can take to prevent from falling victim to this scam? Beside going high-tech with a new generation of chip-implanted card, I have a better idea. Maybe we can go back to basic…using human teller. Kill 2 birds with one stone… increase security & safety and at the same time nip the 5% unemployment problem in Singapore. But we don't have to tell the consumers and no one is wiser!

Human ATM Prototype 1… maybe need to work on the sitting ergonomic a little

This concept can have other applications as well….

Photo Kiosk…sharper images & better quality photos with instant consultancy!

Coffee Vending Machine…Personal service at a fraction of Starbuck price!!



  1. me said,

    those with claustrophobia definitely cannot apply for the job.

  2. fantasyflier said,

    tiny toms definitely will fit 🙂

  3. Leonard said, would be tough job to take manz..considering the limited working space!!!

    anyway, sounds interesting…might try for 1-2 days..hehe

  4. Zara's Mama said,

    Hmm.. guess who’ll get such jobs? Small cubicle, lousy working environments..
    Probably the poor foreign workers.

  5. Robin said,

    do read the DBS statement on this..


  6. blurblur said,

    hmmm..your picture reminds me of those ticket lady (is that what we call them) at some carpark booth…cooped up in that small cubicle…

    I need some fresh air!! ;p

  7. Cocka Doodle said,

    Yep! This is good. Got voice recognition also, so no mistakes with the instruction on the screen.

  8. Mickell said,

    That’s right. We need finger-print recognition, retina scan, etc. so that our cards cannot be “phished” or “copied” by crooks ;p

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